5 Powerful Reasons I Switched to CoSchedule for Social Media Postings


Five Powerful Reasons I Switched to CoSchedule for Social Media Postings

Of the many schedulers I have tried over the years to streamline my social media content, nothing comes close to the robust capabilities that CoSchedule offers.  Co-Schedule is a web-based social media management system that is not simply a scheduler but also a marketing calendar that provides organization for my content.

Five powerful reasons convinced me to convert to CoSchedule as my go-to social scheduler of choice for social media.

(1)  Consolidation:  Everything has a place

Here are some of the awesome features CoSchedule consolidates: a drag-and-drop marketing calendar, easy social media scheduling, workflow management, and simple re-scheduling of old blog content.   

The all-in-one system really saves me time and helps me grow my business through integrated marketing plans and collaboration.  I love finally having the access to functionality that previously was only available to a company with deep pockets.  Having a project management tool, editorial calendar, and content planner all in one space has helped me tremendously in staying focused and experiencing peace of mind.

The video link below provides a brief overview to explain the service:

(2)  Calendar:  Everything has a time and is on schedule

Everything on my calendar is color coded so I can see at a glance what I have going out to the world. 


Before I started using CoSchedule, I had miscellaneous emails filed in different spots and piles of sticky notes with different colors around my office to remind me of all things I needed to get done. As a creative entrepreneur, it was difficult for me to focus on the task because of my own distraction. 

The CoSchedule all in one calendar function enabled me to consolidate and organize in one place, where I cannot lose anything!  Now, I can very easily see, at a birds-eye view of what’s on my radar that needs to get done. 


CoSchedule allows me to easily filter for specific tasks such as blog post, video projects or graphics that need to be created too.


CoSchedule enables me to focus on the work that needs to be done each week and not have moving pieces outside of my focus, enabling me to grow my business and keep on task.

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(3)  Campaigns:  Set it and not forget it. 

One of the many reasons I decided to go with CoSchedule was the ability to create social campaigns. I could create one campaign for my social media content and schedule it on all channels in one click.


A social campaign can be automated such that I can have it set to resend when I specify.

The ability to resend one piece of social media content with different messages and with a different medium every time (e.g. a link vs. an image vs. a video) is genius to me!

For instance, I can schedule a graphics post this week.  A week later, I can set another post with a link only, and still a month later, I can resend the same post as a text message.


The ease of which this is done is amazing because I can plan my social campaign schedule, and set it to automatically go out a week from now or a month from now. My social calendar will automatically populate with a variety of meaningful content that provide subtly different approaches that appeal to multiple audience preferences that may be in my circle.

I love the ability to resend my content in a way that is meaningful to my audience. Not everyone sees the same content because of the nature of social media.  Therefore, the ability to easily reschedule and requeue the content that I have – content that is important to my business, that engages with my audience - is invaluable. Co-schedule has the ability to re-share this content at the most optimal posting frequency.

(4)  It’s my R & D Geek Out Department

CoSchedule is my back pocket Research and Development Department, in many ways.  It provides me with metrics to measure my ROI (Return on Investment) and educates me to be in the know.

I am no longer guessing when the optimal time to post is. CoSchedule has best time scheduling that intelligently shares the messages that I have throughout my social media channels at the highest traffic times for each network.  With so many things on my docket, this is one less item I need to worry about.

CoSchedule supports my efforts to build a thriving community by freeing my time up to engage with my audience. Rather than needing to spend endless hours at scheduling, co-schedule enables dozens of social media messages to be scheduled in bulk.  The system is smart in that it creates a predefined social sharing plan that I can use again and again so that I can focus on creating exceptional content. This frees up my valuable time to not only produce content but to engage with my audience.

One of the best parts about CoSchedule is the robust support and resources available.  The resources that CoSchedule provides (industry news, best practices, information through podcasts, videos, product demos, and tools to help me become more efficient at marketing my content and my business online) are truly second-to-none!

As if this is not enough, they also have an online headline analyzer that provides me with the rating of my headline to tell me if it can be improved.

2017-07-30 04.32.08 AM.png

Similarly, they also have a native social message optimizer which enables me to optimize the strength of my social message on each social media network.  I enter in a social media message and out pops a score that covers the following platforms Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google plus. The analyzer reads the message type and analyzes the characters, hashtags, sentiment and also emoji's, provides me with an overview of whether it is a message that would draw attention.

The social message optimizer provides information such as that enhances appeal. One example is that Facebook messages need to be a certain length to get the most engagement, and educates me that Facebook messages without hashtags tend to get the largest reach.  Whereas, with Instagram, the message optimizer will likely indicate a whole different story that will encourage the proper use of hashtags. 

CoSchedule serves as a partner and also a self-paced school.   Their resource hub provides a gold mine of information for me to better understand social media and how I can improve every day.

I like the idea of having a digital content / social media R&D department in my pocket. Concerning how to's or what is the best time to post, I defer to the resources available at CoSchedule . In addition to the many reports available to me, my favorite is a performance and engagement report telling what, in my campaigns are working, and more importantly, what isn't. 


It also provides a report of my top content

The best part?  There is a team of people, ready and willing to help.  Whenever I submit a question, they usually get back to me within about 12 hours in many cases a much shorter time than that.  

(5)  Time Better Spent

SSS Summer Sips 6.jpg

Saving the best for last, the reason I decided to make CoSchedule my marketing partner, the most important reason is this:  I get my time back.  Working with co-schedule enables me to get up from my desk, leave my office and have a life outside of work!! 

Less time spent scheduling means more leisure time for me to do whatever I want to do. 

So as far as I'm concerned, the search is over. For the purposes of my needs and wants in a scheduler, CoSchedule has exceeded my expectations.

I was looking for an all in one system that enabled me to plan my content.  CoSchedule does that and it provides the tools I need to them schedule it out and to reschedule it without much work or effort.  This saves time and frustration that more than proves the great value one can find in these tools.

There is no coding required for this service. The learning curve is made easy with ample videos and tutorials to show you how to utilize the system and maximize benefits.

CoSchedule also has live webinars to walk you through the steps with an on boarding specialist to answer all your questions in real time.  What else can one ask for from a company who has earnestly gained my trust and earned my business? I'm a believer!

The usual trial period for CoSchedule is 14 days.
Use the link below when you sign up to extend your trial period from 14 days to 30 days.

The usual trial period for co-schedule is 14 days.  Use the link below when you sign up to extend your trial period from 14 days to 30 days. 

That way, you won’t stress as you learn to navigate the system.  CoSchedule will help you keep to your commitment to getting your message out consistently and on brand. 

Give it a try:  Get a 30 Day FREE TRIAL