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A Guest Post Opportunity You Need to Know - Self Improvement Personal Growth Inspiration Positive Path of Presence Blog - Evelyn Foreman

The Privilege of Travel

I find myself on the train today. We are traveling from the Côte d’Azur Region of France, known as the French Riviera. we are leaving Nice, France headed to Rome, Italy.

I continue to marvel at the sights and the wonders that surround me.

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In the south of France, picturesque Mediterranean quarters of ..... style, buildings 6 stories high, are accented by traditional French shutters and awnings of various colors.

Leaving Nice, we travel through Monaco and into the Italian countryside.

As we travel along the coast, we are blessed with the Mediterranean sea to the right and tree-lined sloping hills peppered with quaint villas to the left.

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Deep in thought, I realize suddenly that we are living the dream. We are traveling off to explore a faraway country. For the first time, I am seeing Europe.

I pinch myself and know that it is real because it hurts like hell. The pinch on my skin rivals the pain of the gnarly mosquito bites in this region. Despite the humidity and the overwhelming need for air conditioning, I am still loving this adventure we are on.

On a side note: if you are traveling through Europe in the summer, consider mosquito repellant and look for air conditioning in your accommodations. Taken for granted in the U.S., A/C (and ice, got that matter) is a luxury here in Europe and NOT a norm.

All those years of schooling – learning about the history and culture, battles fought, wars won, lives lost, allies made and treaties signed – I am a part of, at once a guest and at present now, this land of magnificent and infamous souls alike that have roamed this region.

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Uniquely and Distinctly Different, All Beautiful Nonetheless

Each country in this region, in any region for that matter, has a rich and distinct past. Even with history in the eyes of its own heritage and perspective, cultures and traditions passed on is memorialized from one generation to every descending generation thereafter.  Great stories are told and romanticized forever.  Hardships and challenges are integrated with lessons, heroes and villains are birthed and immortalized.

Living awareness to the extent of one’s consciousness, we become integrated with that to which we are mindful and give attention to.

Each individual, you and me alike, live a world unto his or her own self.

No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent.
— John Donne

Each nation lives in a collective consciousness and is capable only to the extent of its awareness of itself, and its place in the world. Each nation state makes itself the victor or victim, as each one of us tells our own stories.

It is through sharing thoughts that we communicate, both Nations and individuals. We invite others to share our individual world when “let others in.”

Sharing who we are is a basic human need for belonging and community. We let others in by courageously opening ourselves up.  With courage and vulnerability, we speak our mind. Opening our hearts through communication of any means, we can actually authentically connect with others.

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Venturing Into Another's World 

In simply reading blog posts like this one, for example, we get to journey into another’s world (mind, thoughts, land, culture, country, etc).

We are invited to visit their land, thoughts, ideas, theories, and their consciousness in an article like this one.

In the spirit of visiting another culture's land, I invite Guess to visit our land our consciousness here at Path of Presence.

I am listing below just a few of the authors that have contributed to guest posting on Path of Presence.

Guest Bloggers - the Beautiful and Brilliant Minds of the Souls on My Path

What I love most about these writers is the unique perspective they bring to improving your well=being, from the inside out.

The+Truth+About+Mindfulness+In+The+Midst+Of+Changing+Times+and+What+You+Need+to+Know+__+Practicing+Mindful+Living+__+Self+Improvement+__+Path+of+Presence+__+Evelyn+Foreman+__+Elaine+Gallagher (1).png

The Truth About Mindfulness In The Midst of Changing Times

Your life is what you are present to. When we practice getting out of autopilot, we become present, even for a moment, with what is unfolding in front of us. 

Truth is, the present moment, right now is the only moment we’ve got. We no longer can do anything about the past. Each moment that passes is a fleeting moment: fragile, temporal, and never to be seen or experienced again.  The future is yet to be, and if we attempt to focus solely on our future, we will miss what is in front of us, right here, right now.  

Through the practice of mindful living, Elaine Gallagher shares how you can learn to live each moment of this precious life. More


Inspiration When you Feel UNmotivated - How to Get Inspired Even When You Are Not Feeling it - Nadalie Bardo - Path of Presence - What you Need to Do to Get Moitvated and Yourself Again - Guest Post Opportunities - sl.png

How To Get Inspired When You’re Not Feeling It

Inspiration leads to motivation go hand in hand … and you need both to succeed and actually ACHIEVE. YOUR. GOALS.

The brilliant Nadalie Bardo shares her points for inspiration and motivation in this post to help you decipher the spark that lights your flame AND the fire that moves you to action.

Exhale the frustration and take a deep breath of inspiration with these 5 ways to get inspired each and every day.  More



Irrefutable+Benefits+of+Gratitude+You+need+to+know+-+improve+your+life+-+increase+happiness+-+practice+mindful+gratitude+__+Path+of+Presence+__+Hope+__+Inspiration+__+Art+of+Gratitude (1).png

The Irrefutable Benefits Of Gratitude That Will Improve Your Life

If you've ever wondered what good it would do to give thanks, or if you have wondered whether giving thanks is worth a try, this article will provide you with compelling, irrefutable benefits to turn practice into habit. 

Giving thanks will fuel your soul ... and your good!!  The soulful Kampala Chukwuka shares her wisdom about Gratitude as the Key to Happiness!



Anxious to Amazing in 45 minutes a day - Path of Presence - Guest Posting - Write for us - Niche- Personal Growth - Self Improvement - Lucy Smith - Evelyn Foreman - Inspiration and your dose of positivity to accompany.png

Anxious to Amazing in 45 Minutes a Day

We all feel anxious from time to time. Sometimes, anxiety may escalate to a point where curling up in fetal posting at the corner of the room feels like a wonderful escape.

When all may seem too much, dedicating a few minutes a day at the beginning of the day can change your life.

By investing just 45 minutes a day, Lucy Smith shares how she transformed her life by choosing to engage in activities that support her personal growth.  More



Letting+Go+Of+Being+Strong+And+21+Tips+To+Surrender+to+Everyday+Bliss+and+What+You+Need+to+Know+__+Path+of+Presence+__+Inspiration+__+Self+Improvement+__+Courage+__+Positivity+__+Positive+Mindset (1).png

Letting Go of Being Strong and 21 Tips to Surrender You Need to Know

Immersed in faith, strength and surrender go hand in hand.  These two attributes: one of being strong, and the other of letting go,  are polarities.  Even though they may seem to be diametrically opposite, they are but 2 sides of the same coin.

The beautiful Kim Bourbeau Smith offers us an inspired post on Letting Go of Being Strong, ALL the Time.

Additionally, we offer 21 Tips to Surrender Yourself to Self Care, releasing your soul from needing to be constantly “on” all the time. The 21 tips to surrender and practice self-care will bring you back to groundedness and homeostasis when you find yourself off balance.



This is indeed an invitation to be a guest blogger right here on this venue.  It is a deeper look to visit the space we are holding: an intentional, awakening journey that is positive, forward moving, fiercely courageous and radically-aligned.


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