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Meet Evelyn

In the passage of life, we all carry an identity. We carry at least 2 identities, in fact: an outer and an inner way of how we see ourselves.

My passion and work in the world is to help others become aware of this polarity, to support them through transformation, and to help them birth themselves.

Life is lived from the inside out.  Every thing begins with a thought, be it a heart thought, or a head thought.  

With honesty, we become vulnerable and present.

By becoming aware and conscious of how we think and identify, we have choice.  We can recognize how our path informs our present and future, what “runs” us – what makes us tick, and what directs how we make our decisions.

In order to become conscious, we must be willing to be honest. When we are honest with ourselves, we become the channel for possibility, great awakening and service to others.

We then have a choice of either skimming the surface of what life has to offer, or really diving deep to exploring the magnificence of what we’ve come here to experience as human beings. Neither is right nor wrong.

Choice is precisely that: we can choose. We can choose to operate on a patterned way of being, or we can make conscious choices.

"When we do not know what our choices are, we haven’t any choice."

We must first learn to recognize our outer identity: how we show up in the world, our gender, birthplace, residence, career, hobbies, spouse, children, the “facts” etc.

Inner identity is subtler: How do we see ourselves? How do we process what we have lived through? Are we brave, strong, willing, ornery? Do we listen to our own intuitive guidance?

We are it.  We are here to be that which no one else can be.  We are here to accomplish for ourselves and others what no one else can do.  Each one of us has a divine purpose, and when we live our purpose, we fulfill our destiny.

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Evelyn Foreman has pledged to live a live of presence, purpose and practice.  In doing so, she has become intimate with the Call of Spirit.

As a third world refugee, Evelyn’s very first example of life changing transformation and listening to the Call of Spirit was witnessed as her mother made a decision to give up all that she had in her early 40s to pursue a new life by boarding a refugee boat and abandoning all she knew.  Evelyn recognized the great value she gained from her mother’s decision and made her own life changing decision to follow her passion in her mid 30s.

Having been successful all her life, Evelyn found herself bound for the top of a corporate career. Achieving success and prosperity by popular standards, lead only to her emotional and spiritual bankruptcy.  Living in New York City in 2001, planes crashed into the World Trade Center.  Amidst the tragedy and turmoil, Evelyn realized that life is too short to settle for other’s standards. While she wasn’t sure what her path was at the time, she knew it was not where she was. She made her decision then to figure it out and go for it!


In listening deeply, she initiated a radical shift and lifestyle change that has given her life new direction, purpose and meaning.  She has been blessed to have lived all across the country, growing up in Southern California and then, living in opposites sides of the country:  New York City and The Hawaiian Islands.

Moving from The Big Apple to Maui enabled her to learn, practice and live aloha. This is where she became intimate with yoga, mindfulness, meditation and the gift of stillness.  Her first days on the islands were a beginning of a transformational inner shift to recognize silence and the divine guidance within.

I believe that our life is a path to uncovering and discovering our outer and inner identities. It is a process of getting over ourselves, of being seen and heard and one of living authentically and courageously. We are all in this together – walking each other home to ourselves.

Her journey unfolded as she met and married her husband affirming for her that all has been, and that ever will be, is a perfect path.  The sense of love and community on Maui remains no matter where she may be.  It is her connection to the `aina (land) and to the kai (ocean) that inspires her to remember Unity – that we are all connected with nature (be it mother nature, or our own nature).

Reverend Evelyn is the host to a spiritual radio show, “The Call of Spirit:  Tune In to Possibility” (http://www.TheCallofSpirit.com / http://www.UnityOnlineRadio.org/theCallofSpirit) where she talks with others about their spiritual journey of becoming.  Her guests and co-hosts are successful beings from all over the world who have made a dramatic shift from what they thought they “ought to be” to being true to their authentic selves.

Reverend Evelyn Foreman is an ordained Unity Minister.  She earned a Masters of Divinity (MDiv.) from Unity Institute & Seminary (Unity School of Christianity) and holds a Bachelors of Science in International Business, Marketing & Economics.

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She is the last of 8 children, Chinese-American of Hakkanese descent, born in Vietnam.  She is a bhakti, leading with her heart, a yogini and committed to a life-time practice of moving meditation, synthesizing the practice and teachings of devotional paths that led to a greater awareness of our higher selves.

Her relationship with her love and husband Cliff, and being mother to Cayden (son, 10) and Teagan (daughter, 4) has blessed her with the experience that Spirit and grace is always in our midst.  

Learn more about Evelyn at EvelynForeman.com

The Foreman Family Personal Web Page is available at http://www.ForemanOhana.com.