15 - TURN IT OFF: Focus is the Answer

Path of presence Podcast - TURN IT OFF - Focus is the Answer - Season 2, Episode 3, With Evelyn Foreman

Hello !  And welcome to Season 2, Episode 3 of our Path of Presence Podcast, available at:  www.PathofPresence.com/podcast

Our theme for this season is all about the journey of presence - of being present to the process of entrepreneurship - of building a business, and of living a thriving, balanced and integrated life.

Today’s podcast is about a 5 letter word that baffles us all- F-O-C-U-S:  Focus!!

Staying focus is a challenge for creative beings.  If we are channels of creativity, staying focus requires us to by choice narrow down our open and available readiness.

We are effectively choosing to isolate and manage and channel our creative ju-jus into one focal point.

If we are able to balance our enthusiasm with our laser focus. Even or 10 - 15 minutes at a time, we may get our projects done in record time, after all.

The challenge of being a brilliant entrepreneur and living with ADD (diagnosed or not) is to select an appropriate choice and stick with it through completion.

So that I’m not being cryptic and continuing to talk in code, I am specifically referring to those of us who are lifetime students.  We take a class because we want to learn something, but then, we take another, and another to build our educational foundation.

All the while, we forget or simply do not produce because we are too distracted to create.  And even when we create, we do not finish our projects because we are off to the next shiny thing.

How do we slay distraction that feeds our creativity and inquisitive natures?

There really is no easy way to say this but to turn it off.  Like at the computer that is cushy tup in processing, we might consider turning it off.  And then, leaving it off for some time so that we do not get distracted.

Conscientiously turning your attention off to courses offered, freebies proceeds, the next great webinar or anything else is like turning your phone off.  Having a dedicated space to start and complete a project is HUGE creativity and productivity so long as you do not allow yourself to be constantly distracted.

We might tell ourselves that we do not have enough information to get started, and so we continually seek instruction.  The advice or coaching that we seek might be a great distraction instead of getting started and completing a project. So whats the pay off for self-distraction?

Perhaps the deeper underlying cause and reasons for self-distraction is that you will never really get settled, and therefore, never have to proceed, because if you create something, and it's not successful, you might feel yourself unworthy…

The underlying reason behind the action, or lack of action, in this case, might be because we are afraid to find a deeper truth that you are not ready to accept - that you might possibly success beyond your wildest dreams - and then what?  

Fear of success is just as powerful, if not more so than fear of failure.

So look within yourself to find the answer.  Here is an excuse to become more mindful to discover your process of uncovering what is going on within you.

When you notice ourself gong from one project t another, never really completing the project, take note.

Turn off whatever program you have on, and whatever program you want to go to.

And then ask yourself,” What is present?”

Right here, right now, ask yourself,  "what is present and coming up for me?”

You might hear yourself answer the question, such responses might be:

  • “I just don’t want to…”
  • “I can’t…”
  • “I’m afraid…”

Why which case, to dig deeper, say t yourself, ”Tell me more…”. Feel into it without judgment or expectation, as though you are speaking ot6 the inner child.  A neutral phrase to use with yourself or others “Tell me more…” allows you room to explore whats going on…perhaps journaling int his process will help you uncover the root of whats going on for you - so much so that you are distracted by your creativity, as opposed to being helped by it.

Sometimes, turning it all off is a viable option when you are overwhelmed.  Turning it off and turning inward to listen can help you get crystal clear as to what the next steps to take are.  All you would need to bro after you understand is to allow for time to temper the change in behaviors.  From going, doing and acting, we might begin to shift to being, realizing and allowing.

Turning off distractions can help you become more integrated by doing less and accomplishing more.

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