18 - Inner Wisdom as Your Best Authority [For People Who are Too Busy to be Organized]

Inner Wisdom as Your Best Authority - For People Who Are Too Busy to Get Organized

Hello!  And welcome to Season 2, Episode 6 of our Path of Presence Podcast, available at:  www.PathofPresence.com/podcast

Our theme for this season is all about the journey of presence - of being present to the process of entrepreneurship - of building a business, and of living a thriving, balanced and integrated life.

Last week, we talked about tapping into vision - to go beneath the everyday stuff of thinking, doing and acting, and to simply immerse ourselves in stillness - 

To be better informed about what our souls’ mission is. What we are doing here in this lifetime, what we are here to do.

On the journey of life and business, and our chosen profession - our livelihood - there are no accidents.  Knowingly or not, You are either choosing your experiences, or it is choosing you!

(All of us) We are each on a very special journey - a sacred path - if you will, to do what we need to do here on Earth.

To understand why our souls are here and eventually, integrate and assess what the purpose of life is.    Okay - that s big topic - I’ll save that for another day! 

Today - I want to talk about the wisdom within us that we can tap into to help us take the right and appropriate next steps on our journey - whether we are talking about building an online business, social media planning or creating an online course.

The question here is this: when we feel stuck - how do we know What to do next?

...I’ll share w/you what my resource is  ... it (actually) is an inner refugee 

If I pay attention, if I get really still and tune in to my inner voice, my higher self, I will hear the wisdom guiding me to take next steps.

And sometimes, getting still is not the easiest thing in the world!

Sometimes, Our Inner Child is Really Like a Child

Those of us who have babies, or who have had babies (toddlers) we can easily relate to what it’s like to try and get a toddler still.

On many occasions that’s what I’ve need to do for myself. Having to get myself to sit still - even for a moment, and to breathe, and feel the air on my skin. The beating of my heart.

I became 1st aware of this voice in my late teens and for the greater part of a decade, 

I doubted my intuition, and at times, went against my gut feeling, opting for what seemed logical and intelligent and what makes total sense over the inner compass of that still small voice.

And like a good teenager - I tested it - I defied it - I went the other way - just to experiment, see and provide to myself that this inner voice has any merit.

I doubted my intuition, and at times, went against my gut feeling, opting for what seemed logical and intelligent and what makes total sense over the inner compass of that still small voice.

As you’re listening to this, can you relate? Have you ever been rebellious like I have?

Have you experienced yourself going in the total opposite direction that you KNEW you should have gone?

Or may be you’ve had experiences where you’ve abided - and you’re glad you did!  

Maybe you were on a drive somewhere and you’re not quite sure where you are going, or which direction to go.  

And you come to a stop.  You look left, and then right, and then left again ...  and suddenly, something tells you to turn right

You then you make 2 lefts, passing the house with the red roof and all of a sudden, despite not knowing where you’re going, You are exactly where you need to be.

You have somehow stumbled on to what you were looking for - because you tapped into your keen sense of direction (which if you heard last weeks podcast (Season 2, Episode 5) you would know there is actually a scientific name for that!)

Just like driving, life guides - our inner knowing - our awareness of being - our keen human senses - 

This part of our subtle, energetic intuitive body - guides us, as though there is a GPS inside us, giving us direction in life.  And what we need to do is to get in tune with that inner genius, inner GPS, the wisdom within (all of us) and listen....

Okay - So then, what happens if we shut that piece of ourselves down?  If we continue to disconnect the inner voice and refuse to listen to it? And pretend it not there? Maybe then we distract ourselves by engaging in something completely different - something loud and exciting and new simply because we haven’t figured it out we don’t understand what’s happening through us. 

Well - things may not go as smoothly for us.  Our experience of feeling lost, disconnected and removed is the result of not tuning in to the voice within, our inner wisdom, which is the best highest authority - spirit within.

And you know what the crazy thing is? Some of us have grown up being told that 

what we thought didn’t matter or what we did was silly or stupid or in someway, someone said something or did something or gave us a look that invalidated the idea that the wisdom we need resides within us.

So I’m here to affirm with you that Your inner guide is your best authority.

That’s the affirmation:  My inner guide is my best authority 

My inner guide is my best authority 
— Affirmation of the day


So this episode is about being spirit led.

Let me ask you this?  In all that you do, what is leading you?

For a moment, let’s talk reality, not just about Truth

Let’s get real...and tangible.

Let’s not talk about inner wisdom, let’s talk about life - and the physical outer expression.

Well, so I’ll use myself as an example - in this lifetime,  I’m a mother of 2 children, and I’ve been blissfully married for about a dozen years.

The 1st and foremost priority on my heart are my children - which means I’ve got to be the best mom I can be to serve them (and whatever that looks like depending on my values). Many of the women that I work with are also moms so you can relate.

And then, in serving my family, I am building a business, with services and products that create value for you.  This podcast that you’re listening to is one of the many wonderful things that come out of the creativity of building a business that will serve the people with whom I do business.

And then, in my expression of being, it is also important to me that what I do is to support others in their inner journey of whatever their paths might entail.  In others words, my work after my children and creating value for others is that I support those who want my help to live in alignment and true to their souls’s path.  That is my path to integration.  

This is the message I get from my inner best authority - to serve my children,. To create value and to support others in to live an integrated life.

This 3 guiding priorities is what leads me , what motivates me and what I’m all about.

So dear one, what about you, friend?  What leads you?  How does spirit guide you in the priorities that you have set for your life?

So… Do an exercise with me. Because that’s pretty major question right?  Asking how spirit is guiding you?

So whatever you are doing right now stop.

Do this with me just for a few moments.

If you’re in a crowded room, or sitting on the subway train simply close your eyes. If you’re driving do not close your eyes and just listen and create a field open awareness. 

Sometimes stepping into a greater awareness is a simple decision being willing to be open and receptive to what is.

We’re doing this right now because there’s no better time than the present. Sometimes, the answers are right there on the cusp of our consciousness and all we need to do is to be present to them. 

It doesn’t require hours and hours of thinking about it, it simply is and because are so close to it, we may not know it’s even there. 

Kind a like that old cliché about seeing the forest from the trees and the trees from the forest.  You may be standing just so close to the tree that you’re not realizing that you are already in the forest ... so here we go.

Take a breath, Close your eyes 

(If you’re driving keep your eyes open and alert on the road and simply open your consciousness as if you could)

Take another deep breath 

Relax your shoulders

Come into presence. 

With simply your awareness,

Identify where you are

Who is around you what you were doing before you close your eyes or before you consciously opened your awareness.

Allow your life as it is, to flash before your eyes.

Who is important to you that’s popping up?

Think about the last 5 years (if you’re listening to this program in 2017 when it airs) you’d go back to 2012.  

So from 2012 - 2017, give me one word (or 2, no more than 3) that best describes the story you lived in those 5 years.

Fast forward d to right here, right now:  What are you up to today so important?  What is your goal for today?

Take a breath, release your shoulders - stay stay relaxed.  If you feel tense 😬 r right anywhere, breath into it. 

Out of the images & thoughts -emotions that arise, what is consistent and on your heart?

Name up to three things that you feel are guiding you, motivating you, inspiring you, if you will, to take action.  (Repeat and pause)

I’ll give you a couple seconds to let those top three drop in.

3 things:

  • Guiding you
  • Motivating you
  • Inspiring you

So What are so things for you…?

So many people answer that question with ”money” - some with “kids” - others, “Family” and still others - God.

Let me tell you right now - there are no wrong answers

But, there is a right answer for you 

For each and every single individual, there is a driver 

This driver is part of the great spirit within that guides us on our path.

Even if your answer is money - there is a greater purpose.  

So I’m going to pause and share with you that I’ve done this exercise before and for some people there’s a sense of guilt that comes with it.

Okay so if you have a judgment about your own answer of what motivates you what guides you and what inspires you, 

If you have a judgment of that // it’s an opportunity to dig deeper

For example, If your answer is about money, and you’re not feeling so kosher and philanthropic about that, look closer.  Drop the judgment and look closer. 

Because money is simply a form of exchange. Money is a motivator because of what it can bring : stability, capacity, and ability to acquire what we need in life to feel secure.

A ya know, these things that give us a sense of safety in the world is just as valid as serving the world.

It is not that you’re greedy, or unkind. Profit is not a bad word. If we are in business, success is determined by the amount of income we received over our expenses. And therefore to be sustainable in viable, we must be able to turn a profit.

OK so enough about that it’s been wonderful episode! I hope you’ve enjoyed it.

If you were able to follow me in the guidance of understanding that within you that is calling you forward, your motivator, I congratulate you. 

This calling is the spirit within that is allowing you to propel each day with great fervor.

If that was a little lucid, if you were distracted, or you’re just generally in a state of “what just happened? I didn’t get that” please feel free to go back to the meditation and redo it. 

Maybe you didn’t catch the vision or the word first time, or maybe you were not at a place to really complete the exercise b/c of distraction (inner or outer), I invite you to listen to it over and over again until you are satisfied.

Alright, dear Heart - my friends, that’s it for today.

Thanks for join me today - It is a privilege and a pleasure to be part of your sacred journey.  This is evelyn foreman with path of presence, sending you good jujus and see you on the next episode!