07 - 23 Tantalizing Facebook Fan Page Tips to Boost Your Success

Path of Presence Podcast - Episode 07 - 23 Tantalizing Facebook Fan Page Tips to Boost Your Success

Path of Presence - Episode 7 - 23 Tantalizing Facebook Fanpage Tips to Boost Your Success // SMM // Social Media Marketing Tips // Facebook on Social Media

As of June 2017 there are 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 17% over last year

This information is just for those of us who might have lingering doubts, statistically Facebook is too big to ignore.  If you are wondering whether your customers are online, that should answer your question.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 1

If you have not yet set up a Facebook fan page for your business you need to do so right now.  Creating a Facebook fan page or a Facebook public page will open you up to a myriad of marketing possibilities and provide you with opportunities to expand your current circle of influence. At this point in time you simply cannot afford not to be part of Facebook marketing.

Today's episode will provide you with Tips to build, brand and Marketing your Facebook fan page effectively so you can leverage highly engage customers converting them from Followers+ to fans.

I'm going to make a quick distinction between a Facebook profile. Be sure that you are not creating another Facebook profile. A Facebook page functions more effectively for a business. 

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 2

To sign up for a Facebook Page search the term, "create a page" and The very first listing that comes up is a shortcut to leading through the process of treating s page.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 3

When you are setting up your Facebook page name, be sure to keep it as short as possible.  You want to be consistent with the name as it reflects the name of your business. Keep in mind that you should consider using the same name for other social media platforms as well.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 4

When you are filling out the business information be sure that it is complete. When setting up your Facebook page, including name, address, contact details, and website. This all serves as great tools for search engine optimization. Use relevant keywords to describe your business and what it does.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 5

Let's talk about creating a well branded Facebook cover.

Today's social media platforms are highly visible. And creating a will branded Facebook cover photo is a priority. Use the large the timeline cover to easily & actively communicate your brand your message in one simple image.  the ideal size for this is 828 x 315 pixels.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 6

Don't forget to reinforce your brand identity with a smaller profile picture of yourself.  How fun and experiment with the cover photo… Use Canva to help you design something fun and professional. Perhaps a fancy collage of your products or featuring a customer enjoying your product or service might serve you well.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 7

You should note that when someone likes your fan page a large part of the cover image along with the profile picture will show up in the newsfeed of that person's friends inviting them to like your fan page as well so do your best to make the design as visually engaging and inviting representing you and your brand as possible.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 8

To keep users engaged periodically update your cover photo and profile picture.  If you are brave and up to it go ahead and ask your friends to submit their own photos for consideration.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 9

The rule of thumb is to make sure that your covers are deceptive or misleading or infringe on anyone's copyright.  Any text that is written on the cover should be 20% or less of the space of the cover.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 10

The text should be strategically used as a call to action, for contact details or specific promotional purchasing information about the product on your cover image. Whatever it is, be sure that text does not make up more than 20% of your cover image.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 11

There is a really amazing cover photo text compliance tool at socialidentities.com. The full website URL is social identities.com/Facebook-text- rule.HTML

Once you complete with your cover design,  upload the cover photo tool.  The tool will count the percentage of text to image and let you know if your image is Facebook ready.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 12

I want to touch on your FB profile picture.  With regard to your Facebook profile photobe sure that it is at least 180 x 180 pixels. If it's anything smaller it will automatically be stretched to fit the space and might look blurry.   What's even better is if you have a graphic that is 640 x 640. If the graphic is larger the program will automatically scale it down to size providing a nice interest but looking for anyone who clicked on your profile.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 13

So once you have your Facebook page set up go back to your personal profile on Facebook.  In the work section of your personal profile enter in your Facebook page (Either the full URL Link or with the key above the #2 on your keyboard - looks like a letter “a” with the circle around it).  Doing this will provide you with more exposure. If someone should do a search for your business on Facebook and come across your personal profile you want to make it easy and possible for them to go to your business page as well.  

Tip 14

Another tip is to put a URL to your Facebook fan page under website in the contact info area of your personal Facebook profile.  Doing this will settle he let your friends know about your business Facebook.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 15

Another method of letting others know about your Facebook page URL is to include your Facebook page in your email signature. Every email you send can be exposure to publicize your Facebook fan page. Be sure to add a call to action and a reason why people should visit in like you for example like us on Facebook for exclusive discounts and promotions.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 16

If you blog why not blog about your fan page and give reasons why people shouldLike you. Two very easily promote your Facebook presence, give your readers find compelling reasons why they should like you and your fan page in a blog.  for example

Exclusive offers, sneak peaks at upcoming programs, news on to their timeline. No need to beg or beseech - simply give reasons why it would benefit them from looking your page.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 17

Another way to encourage likes is to add a Facebook like box to your website or blog.  You can get a code for a Facebook like box by searching ‘Facebook like box’ or visiting the developers section of Facebook by doing a search on Facebook itself for the lightbox. 

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 18

And then embed this in your blog or website sidebar.   When you set up the lightbox make sure to check the options to show faces or to show the stream of people who have like your pages. This will allow anyone to see the profile pictures of any of their friends who've already liked your page as social proof To support you.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 19

One of the best ways to promote your Facebook page offline. Including your FB Page URL on Business cards is a no brainer. 

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 20

Anywhere you can display your Facebook fan page URL is free advertising for you - think of how many people would see your car or your bumper sticker with your address on it or on a sign in your office or store window asking visitors to like your page. 

Combining off-line and online marketing effortsWill allow you to let the people you meet in real life know about your fan page online

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 21

Don't forget that you can always cross promote between social platforms. A lot of people who tweet are still using the web based version of Twitter. Your profile background is a really great place to take a vantage of this extra exposure. Cross advertise and use Twitter to promote your Facebook Page both as an image on your Twitter background and in your profile's bio if you have space.

Asked Twitter followers to like your Facebook fan page.  As you've done previously give compelling reasons to your Twitter followers as to why they should join your Facebook community.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 22

If you've got videos, insert your Facebook page URL to your YouTube videos At the end of the video. 

Be sure to write out a URL in your description and write it out in full so that it is clickable.

Facebook Page - Tantalizing Tip 23

Another simple way to promote your Facebook page is to ask your email list to like it. 

Consider sending a dedicated email asking them to like your Facebook page again with compelling reasons as to why they most definitely should. When you send out future messages,  be sure to include your Facebook page and other social network profiles in your email.

That's it for today be sure to tune in to next weeks episode when we discussed how to post and what to post on your Facebook fan page for tips to market your business , Increased likes, and engagement.

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