11 - BEING UNDERSTOOD: Common Self-Sabotaging Mistake #3 You Are Making on Social Media

11 - BEING UNDERSTOOD: Common Self-Sabotaging Mistake #3 You Are Making on Social Media :: Podcast :: Social media Tips :: Visioning :: Clarity :: Focus

How to Immediately and Easily Fix It & Get Better Forever

Today's episode is the last of a three part series podcast on heart-centered social media and the practice of the presence.

This episode is about BEING UNDERSTOOD on Social Media, and what we commonly and mistakenly do to sabotage ourselves whether knowingly or unknowingly.

The last 2 episodes are about BEING SEEN and BEING HEARD.

And what we do, whether knowingly or unknowingly, that keeps us from being 1000% ourselves in social media - 

to be whole-heartedly and authentically You - to be the one and only - the original and inspired, guided and vision led YOU!

These 3 things - being seen, being hear and being understood are core human issues...and here I am bringing this up in a podcast about social media and business

What does one have to do with another? Anyway??

Well, I deeply believe that human beings are totally resourceful, coping and dealing with what they are confronted with in a way that gets us through our difficulties.

Many of us have learned to be skillful at compartmentalizing our life -- so that our personal lives don't spill over to our professional lives. We compartment our friends, families, and most cunning of all -- ourselves.

Perhaps we even behave differently around different people.  Maybe when we know we are around people who trigger us, we might have our guard up. And with those who we are totally comfortable with, we hang loose, and are more relaxed and ourselves.

So here is a totally radical question for you:  What would it be like to integrate?  Rather than showing up as the personality that best fits you audience, what would it be like to show up authentically, whole hearted you in every occasion and venue of your life? 

Doing so requires courage and clarity and congruence!! But once you make that decision and bring everything you are - your whole self to everywhere you go - you are never without

This shift requires that when you show up. Remember that you are whole and complete, and have all the resources with you within you.

Rather than spending your energy being different, being non compartmentalized means you are coming from a place of source and authenticity - with nothing to hide or protect.

Imagine now, just for a moment: imagine what it would be like if we had no compartmentalization.  What would it be like to not have your guard up?

...and to totally go about everywhere true to your highest, most noble authentic self?

What would it be like to live life true to your inner calling so that your outer expression is 1000% a reflection of your inner being, in a way that fulfills your souls call?

What is the motivation behind your business?  The business idea, service, program or product? 

Do you have clarity of your intention for your product? Is it laser focused? Are you marketing your product in a way that is special and usual as you?

Or are you going about like everyone else, saying the same thing (having same marketing message) that is getting lost in the crowd?

If you are not feeling understood and your product is not moving the way you hoped, it's time to step back and take a closer look at what you are doing and how you are doing to. 

If you do not feel understood, perhaps going back basics might serve you.

The late Stephen Covey, author, in his work on the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People encourages us to seek 1st to understand before being understood.

So this time, perhaps identifying your ideal clients and asking them research questions may serve you well.  When asking product research questions, listen closely to what they are saying. 

What kinds of words do they use to talk about their problem?  What solutions are they looking for?  Where are they in their buyers journey and how might you add value to what they are going trying to achieve. 

Seek 1st to understand before being understood.

This is the outer work - understanding what your client needs

The other part - the deeper work is for you to understand what YOU need as an expression of your work in your business - in your offering of service, product or program.

So let's talk a bit about not being understood, issue # 3:

When we feel others don't "get" us - or the value of what we are offering

Here are two questions for deeper reflection and self clarity:

  1. What is your vision for your business and 
  2. How does your current program, product or service part of this vision?

Is it foundational?  Is it advanced and complexed? Whois your ideal client?  Is your branding focused and on line with how you are expressing as a company? 

All these are questions to help you understand your business and the people you serve.  

Along with this episode is a useful mind map to visually see the possible progression of service or course or program offerings you can output to manifest and deepen your vision. 

Self sabotaging mistake #3 that make on social media that keeps us from being understood 

is that we have not harnessed what we need .  That is, we need to have clarity and guidance and understanding within ourselves of where we are and where we are going

So that we can focus and communicate this to the world in a way that is unique and offers value to others.

The answer and correction to resolving self-sabotaging mistake #3 on social media - the fix to this problem of not feeling understoodby others - is to 1st and foremost to understand ourselves.

You have a gift and service to share with the world.  What you have to offer to the world is important.  This gift that you have to share is important and can only be delivered by you in your inquiry way.

So, don't give up without digging deeper

There are people out there who absolutely need you - they need to see, hear and understand your message - they need you to share your program, product or service so they can fulfill what it is they need to do. So go for it!!

Remember that what you need is already all within ... and the work is to bring it out - to excavate it and bring your Light and ideals to surface because the world awaits!!

Be sure to download the tools that go with this episode and we'll see you next week.

If you would like to pause and dive deep, taking some time out for presence, truly see yourself allowing yourself to receive your vision.

To be be sure to download the free meditation thatgoes with this podcast.  The meditation is available where this podcast is posted at www.PathofPresence.com/Podcast.  This is Episode 11 on being understood.

BEING UNDERSTOOD: Common Self Sabotaging Mistake #3 You Are Making on Social Media and How to Immediately and Easily Fix It & Get Better Forever