12 - Change is Good!

Path of Presence Podcast - Episode 12 - Change is Ggood - Embracing the Void - Evelyn Foreman

Welcome to episode 12 of the 1st season of our path of presence podcast.  

1st, thank you so much for your support, for tuning in and listening.  Even though this is a podcast and a one-way broadcast to communicate, I know that those who show up and listening, are supposed to.  It is not an accident that you are here and I am affirming a divine appointment for your time here.

You might be listening as you are driving, or doing a house chore or out exercising.  Whichever way you tune in, I thank you for being with me on this journey.

Well, It’s been a phenomenalsummer, getting organized and things in order here at Path of Presence and now that it’s mid-September — the temperature is dropping, and the kiddos are back to school -

Which leaves me, as Mom of little ones (albeit it growing up quick) some space for expansion and deep listening.

Do you recall a time (in your life) when it seems that everything simply clears out - all at once, 

and suddenly, the noise and people and places and thing that once occupied that space…are gone?

Suddenly, there is a quiet solace in your life…And there is space for reflection and contemplation…This void might cause some to immediately and quickly get it filled.

The busy-ness of what was is gone…what to do now?

Dieting, loss, relationships, projects - almost everything in life has a progress - and business building, entrepreneurship, is no exception.

Those of us who are part of AA, and Alanon, and anything anonymous, really understand this void all well, even though we might use different language to identify it.  

Empty nesters are another poignant example of those who might understand the void

What do we do with ourselves after the children leave the house for the first time.  Or the newly retired, who seem to be busier than before retirement!

It is our human nature to want to avoid the void, quickly finding a substitute for it and it takes a presence, with an intentional conscious awareness to not live on auto-pilot.

You know what?  It is easy to mindlessly fill in the void with something else.

The space that opens is definitely a change, and an opportunity to determine what we want to do with the space that seems to have a hole in it.

When we feel this empty hole, it is simply an opportunity. It is a chance to conscientiously and intentionally call in what ours is to do.  

I have come to know this void well - to come to it time and again.  In doing so, I am familiar with the path of what comes up when we are confronted with space

How I have gotten through it is to be still and listen.  This intentional listening is the compass that guides me on my path.  

The process is not robotic, I don’t go anywhere to input the answer, no search engine, or letter to Abby (for those of us know are old enough to know who Dear Abby is).  I don’t call the physic hotline, or ask a Ouija board.

Rather, I hold the intention and any questions I may have in consciousness, asking for guidance in meditation.  

As I sit with the question, I release my energy around the right and perfect answer for it, keeping body, mind and spirit relaxed.  Some might call this prayer, and it very well might be.

My faith comes from knowing that I am directly connected - everyone is directly connected to the infinite wisdom of the universe.  That what we need is always ever ready and available to us.

Our job is to simply be open to receive this wisdom - to know what to do next - to hear its guidance and to follow as directed, keeping my ego human mind in check.

It is my chosen conscious belief that as an Earthling, as a human being, that I am part and parcel of everything that exists here on Earth, and so I allow myself to tap into the positive and productive side of this universe, calling on the strength and power and knowledge - of everything that I have within me to evolve and be who I’ve come to be.

So dear One - what is it that you believe?  How do you tap into the divine?  As you undergo change, what is your guiding light? As we walk together on this Path we call life, I am mindful to stay present…and in the presence of being, I am realizing that this podcast is an opportunity to help others in a way that perhaps NO ONE is doing - to enable the possibility to talk ABOUT the journey…

This is the journey of entrepreneurship, of creativity, of building a lifestyle business that you can do anywhere - 

Which directly, in my opinion, if we are integrated, we will realize that creating a business is a reflection of our journey in life.

Now, there are a million and one coaches, teachers and course creators that are showing us the “how toos”

I’m sure you’ve encountered some of it - If we are, to be honest on this journey - I know that you may be enrolled in a course of some sort - and GOOD FOR YOU!  Education, and getting your bearings and understanding of the technical how pos are soooo important.

In order to succeed, we must utilize all our resources to do the best we can so we can execute on what we are here to do.

So I am creating space on this venue - our podcast to address the stuff that entrepreneurs encounter other than the technical “how-tos.”

After the last few episodes produced on being seen, heard and understood on social media, I have come to embrace the idea that much of what is missing is the underside of the journey.

Learning involves technique, yes.  It is a skill to become familiar with, competent at and to master.  However, what about the journey - and what we go through to get there…?  The inner path that we must be present to…?

More than just coaching, I want to allow this podcast to be a space to explore the inner journey - to go deeper, addressing a balance of head and heart, integrating mindfully our whole self so that we are not operating from just one part of us and not the other.

The theme of integration keeps coming up - over and over for me, and I’m making way for it - and sharing it with you.

This is the change that is coming…So I hope that I have peaked your interest -

In a couple weeks - on Oct 5th, tune in and join me!  10/5 is a new season - season 2 - the theme is about the journey and episode will be about the magnificent journey of life and business as we head into and through the fall season.

Thanks for joining me today - It is a privilege and a pleasure and I’m committed to our deepening conversation to light on this podcast.  This is Evelyn Foreman with Path of Presence, sending you good jujus and see you on the next episode!

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