07 - 23 Tantalizing Facebook Fan Page Tips to Boost Your Success

These 23 tantalizing tips to set up and maximize your Facebook Fan Page will jumpstart your success on marketing your business online.  This podcast includes a downloadable checklist to keep yourself on track.

As of June 2017 there are 2.01 billion monthly active Facebook users which is a 17% over last year. This information is just for those of us who might have lingering doubts, statistically Facebook is too big to ignore.  If you are wondering whether your customers are online, that should answer your question.  

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04 - Where to Find Your People on Social Media

Social Media platforms have become the norm for communication in today's modern living - why not strategically enter each platform with a foundational understanding of where your people are? This episode provides an informative synopsis of the 6 big social media platforms to help you determine where to begin. The accompanying blog at the following link provides details stats for further interest: https://www.pathofpresence.com/marketing/2017/7/25/6-social-platforms-how-to-decide-where-you-need-to-be. Please submit questions to: Light @ PathofPresence.com

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