19 - Go to Your Heart: Making Integrated Decisions for Sustainable (and profitable!) Business

Living a heart-centered life means to live not simply by logic alone, but to have decisions funneled through and integrated with the heart.

How do we, as heart-centered entrepreneurs go about living integrated lives where there is a congruence of head and heart?  

In the bleakest of times, be it in our personal or professional lives, what is the practice that will sustain positivity?  Join us in this heart talk of possibility, with a practice to return to the heart of who we are:  integrated, aligned and joy-filled beings in moment-to-moment expression.  Download the FREE meditation to bring your home to your heart.

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18 - Inner Wisdom as Your Best Authority [For People Who are Too Busy to be Organized]

Today, we are talking about the wisdom within us that we can tap into to help us take the right and appropriate next steps on our journey - whether we are talking about building an online business, social media planning or creating an online course, or blogging

The question here is this: when we feel stuck - how do we know What to do next?

I’ll share w/you what my resource is  ... and how to tune in to the possibility that is YOU!  

At the end of this episode, we will work through and define for YOU what is knocking on your heart so you can be present to what REALLY is motivating you.

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17 - A Soul Guided by Vision: How to Live UP to Your Potential

Living fully is a practice of mindful awareness, moment to moment. We become conscious of how our thoughts inform our actions in the moment and how our actions inform our thoughts.


The awareness of what’s going on for us internally creates the choice of action and therefore, paved way for us to not simply go about on autopilot, but to consider each moment as a moment into itself.  We can choose over and over again, consciously, from our higher functioning brain to live more integrated, productive lives.

Mindfulness allows us to integrate the experience of living without being rushed from one place to another, hurrying from one activity to another.

We literally, become present to our lives.  How do we tap into our soul's vision?  Tune in and find out...

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