Your work is to discover your world and with all your heart, give yourself to it

Your work is to discover your world and with all your heart, give yourself to it. Buddha :: Inspiration for Women :: Self Care for Moms :: Spiritual Quotes :: Path of Presence :: Mindful Living

Giving something with "all your heart" is a gift of devotion.  What is truly worthy to give ourselves to?  ... to give all our heart to?  ... to give all our love to?

My gift is a legacy that was handed down to me by my late mom: to be Mom, sacred guardians for my own children.

My mother devoted her whole life to create an opportunity for her children to live their lives unencumbered.  In unimaginable ways, It is because of my mother's love and devotion that I am possible today.

My work of discovering my world - my family and children - was 33 years in the making before I realized what I was willing to give all my heart to.  The work of discovery is not a fast road, nor an easy one.

It has been a journey, one that has lived many lives of it's own. As I continue to grow and allow life to discover me, I make decisions now that continue to feed my work, knowing that I am the One I've been waiting for.  What sacred work awaits you on your journey?  Have you discovered yet what you are wlling to give yourself to?

Let Gratitude Guide Me

Gratitude Guides Me :: Positive Vibes :: Gratitude Practice :: Heart Centered Entrepreneurs

There is always a deeper story to every thing.  The deeper, underlying story is the unfolding of my sacred journey.  

When I come upon challenges and difficulties in life, I might often wish it away, wondering how I got myself into such a predicament? Yet, when I get still, and present to the moment of struggle, I realize it is an opportunity.  

The most poignant challenge that comes to mind is giving birth.  In the middle of birth, when all is in the process of unfolding, I remember wondering how I could get away from the difficulty.

The experience of natural birth has provided me a 1st hand experience that what is before me is in fact, a gift.  

Many blessings came from birthing my 1st child.  Not only did I receive the gift of my son, I learned earnestly to "lean into it."  With this, learning that the experience of birthing itself is guidance to trust the intuitive process of emergence, for baby and my own soul.

The experience of moving past the difficulty is the guide that came for me.  With it, I was taught to trust. I now use this pattern of recognition whenever I am confronted with a challenge.

As I accept the challenge before me, I relax into the idea that, for whatever reason, what I am confronted with in this present moment is here to serve me.

I give thanks knowing that what is before me is guiding me back to the Truth of my being. For this faith, and for this guidance, I am grateful.  

What difficulty have you had in the past that you now recognize as a guide from beyond?  Please share as you are called.

Live Life As If Everything is Set in Your Favor

Live Life as if everything . is set in your favor :: Inspiration for Women :: Motivational quotes for moms :: Gentle Reminders for Self-care :: Path of Presence

I absolutely LOVE this reminder: "Live life as If EVERYTHING is set in your favor" because it is!

When I was in my early 20's I met Nicki. Nicki was about 5 years younger than me, but what she said made a huge impact on my perspective of life.

I was faced with difficulties of choice and challenge as any 20 something year old would.  I honestly cannot remember what my challenge was, but I remember what she said to me.  

She asked me to look back on all the challenges in my life - every single one of them. She even asked me to call up the most difficult moments that I wished was not so.

And then, she asked me to get present in the moment.  And when I did, she reminded that I am, as I was present, perfectly okay. I am safe, no matter what. 

She asked me to realize that whatever occurred in my past has already happened and that, as things are working itself out right in THIS moment, they too, will be okay.

Without even knowing it, she helped me understand and to subscribe to the belief that truly everything conspires to my favor!  

Everything, ALWAYS works out - either I win, or I learn. Either way, I ALWAYS come up on with abundance overflowing.  This is a miraculous truth:  that everything is set in my favor!  Thank you, and bless you, Nicki, for your sage advice and wisdom!

Can you relate to a difficulty, that you can see now how it has served you?  Please share as you are called.  Namaste, dear Heart.  Light in you as you remember your soul and unfold with grace. <3

Be Grateful

BE GRATEFUL - Having an Attitude of GRATITUDE as a Path of Presence // Meditation and Mindfulness for Anyone Willing to Return Home to Their Heart // Heat Centered Entrepreneur // Practice of Joyful Mindfulness

I declare every Thursday as Thankful Thursday!!


As I give thanks, I become present to the power of how my attitude sets me up for my experience.  When I practice mindfulness and give thanks for the abundance of the present moment, I become present to the gift that is my life.  

Immediately, I remember that I have everything I need to succeed and live happily: oxygen, water, food, shelter, clothing.  Everything else that is present - which is ALWAYS so much more than the basic necessities - is a bonus!  

I become present to the abundance that overflows, continuously, creating for me experiences of grace, mercy, and serendipitous fortune!

As a human being, there are times when I forget just how abundant my life is.  (Anyone ever experience this forgetfulness?) 

When mindfulness of thanksgiving is absent in consciousness, I notice a less ideal experience.  I might feel it in my body as constriction.  The voice in my head speaks loudly, sometimes shouting.  My breath becomes a bit shallow, and I feel tightness all around.

Come back to your heart.
— Give Thanks

In times like these, when I feel restricted, I get to return to the sticky note on my desktop:  "Come back to the Heart."  

My road back is always a change of mind - to the positive!  Rather than anything else, I choose again to cultivate gratitude.

Gratefulness puts me on the right track. Again and again, I return. 

Join me in returning back to the heart - give thanks today for 3 things present in your life.  

Mine are: My precious children, the love of my husband and gift of sacred friendships.  What are yours?

Looking Inward, I Change with Courage

Looking Inward, I Change with Courage // Rumi Quotes // Inspiration and Gentle Reminders for Women //  Motivational Quotes // Mompreneurs // Entrepreneurs

Looking inward, I change with courage.   

No longer am I the adolescent whose passion is to rule the world.

Mastering our inner landscape requires great courage - the terrain is uncharted and requires patience, faith, and devotion.  

I hear my heart crying out, needing my attention.  Wisely, I travel to the pulse that calls to me inward.

Every day, the practice is to be still, to listen, and to take guided intentional action.

Writing, reflection, creativity, and service to my higher calling are a priority. Everything else that does not serve the connected guidance from within is lovingly thanked, and dismissed.  Admittedly, there continues to be a lot of casualties!

My soul and my life are sacred experiences where "should haves, could haves, would haves" no longer live.  Attachments, obligations, and resentments no longer have their place here.  

Courageously, I temper any fear that arises knowing that the only part of the fear that exists is the useful kind, supporting my becoming, and informing me, reminding me to be ever present.  As you are called, please share the wisdom of your heart. <3

Where Ever You Stand - Be the Soul of That Place

Where ever You Stand, Be the SOul of That Place // Gentle Reminders for Women Who DO Too Much // Inspirational Quotes // Motivation for Women // Gentle Reminders

There is no argument that children are among life's many blessings.  

I've been blessed to be Mommy of 2 very dear souls, dropping in by divine order, and allowing my spouse and me to be sacred guardians of their upbringing. As of this post, my son is just about 10 years old, and my baby girl, 4.  

As I have the honor to watch them grow and bloom each day, one of the most interesting and rewarding experiences I have when with them is to witness their becoming.  

As they learn, grow and master their path, I get to watch with doting eyes, heart full of love, as they embrace who they've come to be.  Whether it is seeing them pick up an instrument for the 1st time (like the violin) or learning how to do long division, I marvel at their process of embrace.  

They embrace what is ~ not simply the object - like the instrument, or the math problem, but wholehearted, they go through the process of embracing themselves! From never having touched or seen what they are learning, they begin to accept and integrate newness by being OPEN. As they learn and traverse the path of mastery, they embrace it and are then present to all that is available to them through the lesson itself.

It is a marvelous process that I love and am blessed to see each day!

Having my little ones as spiritual teachers have enabled me to reclaim the reminder that Rumi shared so long ago - that wherever I go, wherever I am, whatever I may be doing ~ I am to be One with the PRESENT, and therefore, with my WHOLE self, be the soul of that place.

Be Grateful for Whoever Comes

Be Grateful for whoever comes because each is sent as a guide from beyond.  Inspirational quotes for women // motivation for women // reminders of truth // Path of

Sometimes, the guide that arrives may not be what you expect.  Visitors in our life have a way of teaching us what we need to know.  

The most powerful guides are often those that irk us most - the unfriendly neighbor, other children that tease us, the annoying driver that cut us off in traffic.

These guides are powerful because they remind us of the work we've still got to do.  If we remain open, we might learn that they are exactly what we need to remember the Truth of our being.  

The rude driver might remind us, for example, that we are not petty, and we can forgive easily.  If we are not reminded of this, then, we get to practice forgiveness and compassion!

Our annoying Auntie Mae, for example, might be present to teach us that patience, particularly to bite our tongue. Whomever that is, what ever it is, considering our visitors as teachers can help us better understand ourselves - like a self-study course on insight.  For the gift of appreciating this, I am grateful!

Who or what in your life that came as a disguised blessing are you grateful for?

Difficult Roads Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations

All the challenges I have ever had has made me stronger, more resilient ... brave.

My experiences, difficult as they may seem at the moment they were occurring had a purpose.  At the very least, they have fortified me to be who I stand today.

If you are facing a difficult situation today, you are not alone.  All that is influx is rearranging itself, conspiring to support us in becoming who we were always meant to be.

Let us count our blessings as the lucky ones to experience the wholeness of life in this situation now.  Amen.

#Blessed #IamBlessed #IamWhole

An Attitude of Gratitude

Having an attitude of gratitude is the foundation to all things good.  Path of Presence // Heart-Centered and Balanced Approach to Mindful Social Media

Ever since I was a little girl, I was taught that your attitude determines your happiness in life.  Regardless of the adversity I've experienced, I have always held this lesson near and dear to my heart:  for all things, be grateful.  

Things go right?  Be grateful.  Things out of control? Be grateful?  Things falling apart? Be grateful.  

Being grateful is the key to all things good.

Honestly, by the time I was a teenager, I was tired of being grateful.  As a teenager, I could remember many things that I was living with that I didn't want to be grateful for - and still, gratitude had been such a foundational practice for me that I found myself giving thanks, even though I was rebelling from family and finding my way.

Today, I give thanks for this foundation.  

My Mom taught me well, to have an attitude of gratitude, regardless of comes my way.  It has been a foundation of abundance, perspective and healing for me.  This lesson continues to teach me that grace is always in the midst and that being grateful is the key to all things good.

My Soul is My Guide

MySoulisMy Guide on this path of presence

In times when we feel lost, we often look for advice from all around us.  We ask friends, families, mental health professionals.

Often times, solace is sought through escape:  we numb out, distract ourselves and look for a solution to our heart problems.

In times when it feels as though nothing is right, look within.

The answer is written on our hearts.  

Our soul is on mission here to reignite who we've come to be.  In order to truly live, let go of dear life.  

In times of challenge, when the last thing I want to go is let go, I heed this memory:  surrender, and let my soul be my guide



The Secret to Having It All is Knowing You Already Do


When I find myself upset, grumpy, or generally having a hard time, I remember to remember that life is a process, and I already have it all ~ I AM ALIVE!!!

Remembering this opens my hearts and I can breath again! The more I give thanks, the more conscious I become to the abundance that channels in me, through me and as me.

And then, I don't even remember why I was agitated in the first place! Who or what do you appreciate today that you want to claim in gratitude?

Please share it below as you are called.

<3 Evelyn .

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Feel the Fear - Do It Anyway

3 FeeltheFear-PIN.png

F.E.A.R.   FALSE EVIDENCE, Appearing Real...

Fear reminds us of our humanity.  

Fear, like pain, is a signal for us to pay attention.  It wakes us up to be conscious of our actions, words, deeds and intentions.

If you feel fear today, don't forget to look mindfully, pray ceaseless, and know that you always have a choice.  

Check in, feel it... if the still small voice says YES! (Despite what the ego says) - then listen and act as you are called.

No one ever found new lands without the willingness to leave the shore... <3 

Focus on the Good

Focus on the good - Path of Presence - Gratitude Practice

When I (we) focus on the good, I (we) pave way for the positive, making room for miracles.

I give thanks today, for the UNITY Movement, and for all those whom I've been privileged enough to walk with - because of this love, I am a walking miracle.

What do you claim in gratitude today?

Please share it below as you are called. <3 Evelyn

#GratitudePractice #ThankfulThursday #TT

Courage is the Willingness to Act Inspire of Fear

Courage is the willingness to Act - Path of Presence - Evelyn Foreman

To be true to our soul's calling, we must be brave.

Live courageously, dear Heart, knowing that who we are today is a result of every decision we have ever made in our life:  every thought, every word, every action brings us to present.

...and all is well!

If you are on the cusp of a decision that feels overwhelming, take heart!  Be brave.  Have courage.  

Know that Spirit calls us ways that might feel terrifying.  If this is the case, and fear arises, take a breath ~ know that all is conspiring to help you grow.

Today, embrace that which is calling on your heart, and with courage, take action.  

Enough is a Feast

Enough is a feast - practice of gratitude - Path of Presence

We stick with the basics during our daily family dinner meal: a protein + greens and (usually) rice (After all, I am Asian ;-D). If we have dessert, fruit follows.

It is simple, but a feast b/c of the overflowing abundance that is love expressing in our lives...and WOW! I give thanks for that bounty! What feast shows up in your life??

Let's rejoice and give thanks together!

<3 Blessings, Evelyn

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The Mindful Practice of Whole-Hearted Gratitude

Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart - The Mindful Path of Doing Your Thing, Path of Presence Evelyn Foreman

Relationships. Life adventures. Relocations. New beginnings. Entrances and exits. 

No one said that following your heart is ever an easy choice. 

There are days when we are confronted, face-to-face with our own fear, perceived, or otherwise ~ the FALSE evidence (appearing real) shows up. On days like that (like, perhaps, a Monday), distractions might arise to make you wonder why you are on this blessed path! 

Self-doubts rears it's lil head - second guessing and questioning whether you were in your "right mind" when you made the decision to follow your call... On days like these - perhaps today, if you feel other than completely aligned and centered, take a breath and remember just how connected you really are. 

Just for today, if you are not feeling TOTALLY CONNECTED within, know that you are connected to SO MANY who are having the same experience... and then, through a conscious, deep breath, the choice to return to your heart, and therefore to your center, is always available...and waiting! 

Join me in taking a breath (right now, in mid sentence :-D and remember: When all else fails, follow your wise heart ~ it knows the way. 

Please feel free to share below as you are called. 

With blessings, <3 Evelyn

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Appreciate Everything

Practice Gratitude - Appreciate EVERYTHING - Path of Presence

When the heart is full, life brims with hope and possibility!

I appreciate every breath of my path today, good, bad, and indifferent ~ from the treacherous journey across the seas to America, to losing my mom way too young, and therefore, growing up way too fast, to my long path to Cliff, today, I am grateful.

I appreciate all that has occurred to make today, exactly as it is, including the journey back to the sacred heart, remembering the Truth of my being. Thank you, Spirit, for expressing in, through and as me now.

What well's up in your heart as you read this? Who or what do you appreciate today that you want to claim in gratitude? Please share it below as you are called. <3 Evelyn

Freedom Isn't Free: 5 Mindful Steps to Practice Non-Attachment

Freedom Isn't Free: 5 Mindful Steps to Non Attachment

The phrase, "land of the free, home of the of the brave" from the Star Spangled Banner comes to mind as I reflect on the ideal of freedom.  

Outwardly, Independence Day is one day we set aside to celebrate our national victory of freedom, sovereignty over another's reign. It is wonderful that the people of these beautiful United States come together in a themed holiday of red, white and blue to enjoy the freedom that we are so blessed to have.  But what is the price of this freedom, outwardly, and on a more intimate level, what is the price of personal inner freedom? 

What steps must we take, over and over again to gain your own personal and true sense of freedom? Five steps to realize your inner freedom and thus your true sense of not being ruled by another are:

  1. Accept
  2. Allow 
  3. Forgive 
  4. Release and 
  5. Appreciate.
5 Steps to NonAttachement


The first step to non-attachment is to accept all things as they are. Whatever may be going on, stop and accept that things are as they are. At this exact moment in time, things, as they are, can be no other way.

As Winnie the Pooh says “Ask me a question and I’ll reply, coddleston coddleston coddleston pie.”  That is his very simple way of saying “things are as they are.”  We may experience periods where we wish things were different we may go through all the different stages of grief in denial, but no clarity can occur without acceptance.  

Rather than live in an alternate reality, accept and be with what is.  If you want things to be different, first accept them as they are and then resolve to take steps to make change.  This puts you in the present and lights the path to where you want to go.

Begin to except anything, we must be brave enough to step out of our immediate situation. To remove oneself from our own situation, we must look at things from a 10,000 feet perspective. Take yourself out of the current situation, whatever it is, and allow yourself to look from the outside in.

What is occurring in the situation?  Figure out all the nuances of the dynamic drama that life is. Close your eyes and take a bird’s eye view: what happened to get you where you are?  How did you behave, and what did you say to get you where you are? What can you do, or what must you say, to get to the place you want to be?  Before you decide it was another’s fault or blame something else, realize that the only actions you can change are your own actions.  What can you do differently to compose the outcome you want?

Having a clear understanding of what the situation is and allowing it to be - without changing it, is the first step to acceptance.  When we can look at it, as it is without changing it, good, bad, indifferent and everything in between, we begin to practice accepting what is. 

Accepting that things are as they are means not changing a thing about what is. Maybe you made a mistake or someone else wronged you or someone you care about did something hurtful. To accept means to see it as it occurred – that it really did happen.   


The second step to non-attachment is to allow.  To allow is to let it be.


To allow is to simply be with what is and take no exception. Training our mind to allow things to play out the way they need to provide to us rest.  No longer do we dwell on why it is wrong or any other negative aspect.  Things are as they are.  No amount of anger or wishing is going to change that, allow it to just be.

While we sometimes feel like we NEED to do something or we NEED to act, it just isn’t so!  The whole world, and everyone in it, got along just fine before you were here and it will continue when you are gone.  You need not do anything. 

Allowing is to observe life and all the stuff that happens without judgement, fear, or action.  It means to accept the actions and consequences that unfold, and to know, that things are as they are … and it is OK.

Rather than being the savior and fixing everything in sight, we must create space in our life to allow others to take care of their part of life too.  

Allowing is powerful because it excuses us from being general manager of the universe. It provides opportunity for others to take responsibility and accountability for their own actions. We are freed from needing to direct each and every single thing under the sun.

When we allow, we give way for greater possibility. Rather than relying on what we think should happen, we create expansive opportunity for the possibility of all things.  Let’s face it, a way other than our own may well work…in fact, it may even work better than our way would have.  The only way to find out is to allow it to happen.

Being present amidst possibility (without imposing direction or opinion) allows a broader and sometimes enlightening perspective that simply isn’t available if we have our mind set in one particular path.  No longer are we micromanaging each and every word, action or deed, we begin to see things as they are and possibly with new and exciting potential!  At once, we are engaged with a dynamic of life that wasn’t available when we thought we had to manage it all. 

We may begin to see that actions and consequences are part of life itself and whatever the actions or consequences are, it is more akin to entertainment than responsibility.  Rather than living everyone else's life, and being the director of a marionette show, we begin to be present to what is in our own life.

As we focus our energies on looking inward to see what is going on with self, our focus begins to deepen and our level of understanding of life itself blossoms.


The root of the word forgive is “pardonare” and it means to give completely without reservation. It is to pardon any transgressions against us it is to let go of grief, to let go of pain, to let go of hurts committed toward us, and by us.  

The most important and most difficult in the practice of forgiveness perhaps, is to forgive yourself. Your challenge then is to look in to your heart and see where you are not forgiving yourself and others.  

What might seem wrong at some level might be personally insulting. To achieve peace, you must learn to realize that the person that did whatever they did was doing the very best they could with the tools they had to work with.  

Until you allow the other person to make mistakes and be who they are, you will always be tethered and bound by their living.

Know that they may not have had the same tools you have.  If they did, they would have made the same decision you would have made.  They have had different life experiences and based on those life experiences, they made whatever decision they made. In some very real sense, they had to do it the way they did it because of the tools they had to work with.   

Bear in mind, you do not have to agree with any action or inaction that they have chosen.  You will never be free insisting that someone else make the same choices as you.  Until you allow the other person to make mistakes and be who they are, you will always be tethered and bound by their living. 


The final step to the practice of non-attachment and personal freedom is to release.  Simple, but not easy, you must surrender and give it up.  Keep in mind, this is your life but nothing else in this whole wide universe is yours.  The money you have or the house or car and every little thing is something that is on loan to you.  What would happen if you didn’t have it? 

Chances are, you would find a way to survive without it and probably prosper and be happy.  You are not required to do anything or be anywhere.  You can choose to go to work or school or choose not to.  Of course there are consequences to most decisions, but they are your decisions to make.

Again, the idea is simple, but it is not easy. To surrender all that is means to let go of all the things, including that which may or may not be important.

Perhaps even more difficult than forgiveness is to surrender. The typical terminology of surrender is to give up.  However, what we are giving up, what might be important to us or might not be important to us, is an exchange for the peace of harmony and love and joy. So if one truly wants peace,  we must be willing to acquire peace at the expense of letting things go.


When we let things go, big or small, we also release and let go of our pain, grief, hurts, and our suffering in exchange for the peace and love of God within, a master practice for all those who are on the journey of awakening.  

As we do so, we begin to realize that we are part of a magnificent tapestry that is life unfolding. Rather than to mind each stitch at every turn, we surrender to the great masterpiece that is life, excepting the participation of those around us.

In doing so we know that we are not alone, but part of a greater whole that is occurring in each moment.


Once we experience all the previous steps:

  1. We accept things as they are, 
  2. We allow what is without exception,
  3. We forgive and know that everyone is doing the very best they can with the tools they have to work with and 
  4. We release all of the negative energy to free ourselves of the burden of managing all things

We, then, can truly be present to life and our own brilliant existence here.

As a result of this process we cannot help but to be grateful.  It is not enough however to just be grateful in the abstract.  Looking around and acknowledging all of the truly beautiful things that make up life allows us to not only be grateful, but moreover, to be happy. 

In this sense, freedom and happiness are part and parcel to the same package.  As we look around and notice the flowers and the oxygen we breath, our friends and everything beautiful about our individual and collective lives, a sense and feeling of joy, appreciation (gratitude) and pleasure sweeps through our very being.  This is freedom in the truest sense.  


When we are grateful for what is present, we recognize the abundance that is. In doing so, the magic doors of prosperity open wide so that more can pour in. Gratitude is the activator for our good and multiplies what we have into not simply enough, but more than enough. We begin to recognize the good that is around us and all that are seemingly challenges morph into opportunities. 

With this, I wish you a very happy 4th of July and invite you to embrace the freedom we celebrate with our independence as a nation, as well as the true freedom that only you can win as you overcome the internal oppressors and experience your own independence, and realize your inner freedom.   For this truth and so much more we celebrate our Independence Day, both without and within.