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Some days, we wake up and we are all sunshine and rainbows and others well let's just say the sun is shining but we feel as though there is a storm going on inside us.

I pride myself on being a mostly positive person but on some occasions like today, I feel myself sinking into that whoa is me attitude. You know what I mean like you threw a big party and no one came, or that one person you had your heart set on seeing did not turn up?

They certainly were not lying when they said everything is energy. You are one beautiful ball of cosmic energy: an imperfect being, a patchwork of possibilities.

Those who know me or have ever visited my blog know that I aspire to spread love and positivity around like glitter at a birthday party.

Life, however, is not without it's dark and winding roads. You can relate to what I mean. I am completely sure. Those situations that knock you down and leave you feeling, “maybe I should just wallow in self-pity and just stay down here.”

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The negative thoughts creep in and it replaces your naturally encouraging sweet mantra. Then you find yourself thinking maybe they are right I really am not that fabulous, but really, who asked them anyway?

Life is wonderful, all is perfect in my world, and I always move into greater good.” In that way, it doesn’t matter to me which direction my life takes, because I know it’s going to be wonderful. Therefore, I can enjoy all sorts of situations and circumstances.
— Louise Hay

We all fall, stumble and get off track. I know I have literally tripped several times, (I am quite clumsy) and recovered with the grace and tenacity of an Olympic gymnast.

We were not created to merely cower in life's corner fearful of the monsters under our beds. We were not made to live simply in our heads and graciously accept whatever comes our way. Life is all about balance.

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Negative thoughts, feelings, and emotions are going to sneak up on you but they don't need to stay. You will have to deal with the nags, the narcissists and people with some downright funky energy. Let me share with you a few things I love to do when these gloomy vibes start to set in.

TIP #1 :: SMUDGE IT OUT :: Using Sage and Incense to Work for You

Recently I discovered sage and incense. I know they are by no means anything new but somehow I was hesitant to give them a try but being the curious Libra that I am I would try anything at least once in this life.

Sage, traditionally is used for it's healing properties and for clearing space. Perfect for when you are in a funky place. I mean even if you don’t think it is a little woo woo. The smell evokes some wonderful part of nature for me.

I also have been using the burning of incense as part of my relaxation and mindfulness ritual. I have discovered that something as simple as watching the smoke is quite relaxing and the refreshing thing about it is much like aromatherapy: you have virtually any scent to boost your mood.

TIP #2 :: POSITIVE AFFIRMATION :: Speak Positivity Into Existence

When you find yourself stuck in a pessimistic mood, I think it is best to remind yourself of where you are. Remind yourself what is good about this moment, even if it is something as simple as breathing.

I came up with these mantras during one of my incense burning sessions. I often find when I recite something uplifting I start to feel better about the moments. It's like talking yourself out of a bad mood and trust me I talk to myself a lot. So the next time you find yourself a little off balance, recite these words or even repeat them to yourself.

Words can have so much power. Sometimes we just need an injection of positivity to combat those unfavorable thoughts and emotions.

I am present, I am grounded and I love being me.

I have everything I need at this moment.

This moment is all there ever is all there ever will be.

I feel the fears melt away.

I am open the newness, I am ready for positivity to flow, I choose to let go.

TIP #3 :: EXPRESS YOURSELF :: Write It Out

I always like to say writing is therapy and in my opinion, you do not have to be a poet by birth to do it. When my mind is busy or when I feel colorless, I just take out my notebook or my phone and I write whatever comes to mind.

You will be blown away by what is revealed when you start to let your feelings flow. Inherently, I am not good at expressing vulnerability or emotions. I am the strong one but sometimes we strong ones tend to hold on to that image a little too tightly and keep things bottled up. I write when I am sad, I write when I am happy, I write to heal the wounds that I never knew that was still open and bothering me.

You do not have to share your writings with anyone. If something is bothering you, note it, whatever thoughts pop into your head. You can go back and read them at a later date see what you need to work on. You may even figure out what triggers your moods or how to deal with those pesky things that set you off. Writing, much like life, is your work of art and I think an essential part of any sort of mood-boosting efforts.

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TIP #4 :: FIND THE FLOW :: Get Your Body Moving

Now I am not talking about running a marathon here. When it comes to exercise, I am pretty awkward. As I grew older though, I realized that any kind of movement is essential to maintain not just a healthy body, but also a great spiritual and emotional outlook.

We can accumulate a lot of stagnant energy from sitting too long or from something as simple as holding onto our emotions (even with the practice of not responding to negativity). Put on some music and just move!  It does not have to be pretty - just turn it on and sing to the top of your lungs!  Let your inner Shakira come out and move those hips! As the John Lennon song goes, literally, “dance the pain and the funk away.”

Stretch, go for a walk. Nature has a way of showing us what really matters in life. Stop and appreciate the beauty of the sunset, the ebb, and flow of the ocean. The tension will melt and leave your body and your mind and soul will thank you for it.

In all situations in life, the outcome almost always depends on your reaction to it. You can be faced with the most daunting of tasks but having a positive mindset, or at least a game plan to tackle it, can help you sail through any storm. Nothing is hopeless. Everything is a teacher. Surrender to the moment and remember and accept everything is as is.

Eight (8) More Tips to Turn a Negative Around

Whenever you are faced with less than stellar circumstances you can always put a twist on the N.E.G.A.T.I.V.E.

TIP #5 :: N :: Nothing lasts forever.

That is why doing your best in the present moment is always what counts.

TIP #6 :: E :: Everything is energy.

Pay attention and be mindful of the energy you are emitting. When you are being bombarded by those unaffirmative thoughts find a way to nip them in the bud.

TIP #7 :: G :: Good things come to those who believe.

There is always something positive to focus on.

TIP #8 :: A :: Accept and learn to appreciate where you are.

There is no point in dwelling on what you lost or what you do not have. It takes the same amount of energy to celebrate that than to complain and regret it.

TIP #9 :: T :: Time is your most precious gift.

Be stingy with those things and people who attempt to rob you of your sparkle and dull your glow with their negativity.

TIP #10 :: I Am :: Use affirmations to empower yourself in moments of vulnerability and self-doubt.

We all need a reminder of our magical divinity at some point.

TIP #11 :: V :: Stop playing the victim.

Your circumstances never should be a determining factor in your quality of life. Accept responsibility for your actions. If you are unhappy with something find a solution and not another reason why it won't work or throw a pity party. Have the mindset of a victor. Know and believe that everything is working out for your greater good.

TIP #12 :: E :: Eliminate anything in your life that does not bring your soul peace, joy or prosperity.

Never let anyone make you feel guilty for filling your own cup first. It is only when we are at our best that we can effectively serve and love others.

Remember above all things to be patient with yourself. You are a work in progress.

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