5 Ways To Spring Clean That Will Make You Simplify Your Life You Need to Know

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According to our calendars, Spring has arrived!!  Even though you may be living where you are still buried in snow, the earth is making its roundabout, and warmer days are ahead.  Some of us may still be waiting for the snow to thaw, while others are opening windows to let the change in!

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So much of western society associates Spring with cleaning, rebirth, renewal. Warmer days means we can open up the windows (literally and figuratively). 

While winter is a time to go inward, I associate taking in a deep breath with the vision of Spring: opening a window, and allowing newness to be one with my breath!

I've had the pleasure of coming across a beautiful blogger, Channon Gray who has some sage advice about bullet journaling, productivity, staying organized, well-being, happiness and creative solutions to assist with mental health.  She is my guest today, and offers her wisdom about cleaning, decluttering your space and inviting a renewed sense of productivity that is parallel to springtime.

As you read her tips on the 5 ways to spring clean below, I invite you to take these 5 steps and how they might apply to cleaning out other areas of your life:  body, mind & spirit. 

As you clean out the cobwebs in your physical home, how might you clean out the cobwebs that reside in your headspace - that need a good cleaning?  

The practice of a thorough spring cleaning can simplify your life: to detox body, mind and spirit!

I present you 5 Ways to Spring Clean, written by Channon Gray below.

Spring cleaning, love it or loathe it, is a good way to clear your mind, simplify your life and increase your productivity levels. I’ll admit, cleaning never sounds like the most exciting activity; however, it can be incredibly satisfying once completed. 

You might not know this but spring cleaning can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing. Decluttering your surroundings enables the mind to be decluttered all at once.

Having too much stuff can make remaining calm or de-stressing a difficult task; it can also allegedly add to feelings of depression, anxiety, and discontent. Living within a state of clutter can make focusing on individual tasks more challenging, according to psychologists.

Let’s be honest here, who doesn’t crush over minimal homes on Pinterest or perfect, all white, study spaces on Instagram? I certainly do! They look inviting, refreshing and free from distractions. This is where your spring cleaning overhaul begins:

Simplify and Declutter for Spring :: 5 Ways To Spring Clean That Will Make You Simplify Your Life You Need to Know :: Guest Blogger Channon Gray :: Path pf Presence :: Evelyn Foreman

#1. Clear Your Happy Space of Clutter

It doesn’t matter where your happy space is; whether it be your bed, your desk, your sofa, the bath, wherever it might be, completely clear it of clutter. This space is supposed to be where you feel most at ease, inspired or in-control of life in general; therefore it makes sense to getting spring cleaning that area first.

Sort through your empty toiletries bottles (I cannot be the only one who is guilty of hoarding empty plastic containers), throw away all the pens that no longer work and re-fluff those pillows. Whatever is needed to get the space organized and welcoming again, get it done. You’ll be surprised how motivated and instantly uplifted you feel.

I like to keep my desk space decluttered as this is where I journalfulfill Etsy orders and writing for my blog. It makes me happy to see it all neat, tidy and everything in its place. You can check out my workspace on my Instagram!

#2. Declutter and Organize with the Present in Mind

When spring cleaning, it is easy to hold onto items from the past; however, you must declutter, organize and arrange your things with the present in mind.

What was relevant or required in your life several months or even years ago, might not be now.

5 Ways To Spring Clean That Will Make You Simplify Your Life You Need to Know :: Declutter Your Life and Mind :  Channon Gray :: Path of Presence :: Evelyn Foreman

One particular area that this is most prominent if your wardrobe. Let’s face it, how many clothes do you still have from 2009 that you will never, ever, wear again? Exactly! Condense, sort and donate all that you know you do not need.

#3. If You Haven’t Used It for a Year, Get Rid of It!

This leads on from the point above, if you haven’t used it for a while then do you really need to keep it?

I will always be one for keeping unnecessary things that have meaning to me, but there is a difference between sentimentality for positive reasons and hoarding for the sake of it.

#4. Learn to Cherish Memories, Not Things…

When attempting to simplify and declutter your life, this can be really difficult. I think that you should work to find a healthy balance between holding onto items as well as memories; they work in unison but memories should always trump things either way.

Materiality can cause more chaos than it is worth; in the end, it isn’t what tends to make us feel a greater sense of worth or happiness.

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#5. Get Organized

Anyone who is a long-term reader of my blog will understand my passion for organization. Being organized can reduce stress, remove any worries and help you set goals for the future.

This is relevant when spring cleaning, as through planning on what to do, and when, you’ll automatically be simplifying your life and riding it of any preventable concerns.

I like to use my bullet journal in order to stay on top of cleaning/decluttering tasks; as well as using it as a place to document motivational quotes and plans for the upcoming months. I feel a great sense of joy when ticking off each item or task from my list and therefore, I am able to feel more content and happy with my life and in charge of how I spend my time.

If you are interested in setting up a bullet journal then you can read my post on how to do so here.

I hope this post has helped you to make a start on your spring cleaning plans for this year and in return to begin to reap the benefits of an increasingly simplified life.

Simplify for Spring - Declutter - Bullet Journal - Channon Gray :: Path of Presence :: Mindful Living
DECLUTTER NOW - Simplify for Spring - Bullet Journal - Channon Gray :: Path of Presence :: Mindful Living
Declutter and Simplify for Spring - Bullet Journal - Channon Gray :: Path of Presence :: Mindful Living

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Friends:  What do you think of these 5 tips? Which most resonates with you?  What is most challenging (or satisfying) about cleaning?

  • Do you spring clean this time of year?  What action items do you have on your list when spring cleaning? 

  • Do you spring clean your mind (body, and spirit, for that matter) in addition to cleaning up your physical home?

I'd love to hear your thoughts about how you might renew either your home or your being-ness this coming Spring.  Thanks for being part of the conversation!