12 Tips To Breakthrough Negativity :: How To Get Out Of A Funk

12 Tips To Breakthrough Negativity :: How To Get Out Of A Funk

Whenever you are faced with less than stellar circumstances, you can always put a twist on a N.E.G.A.T.I.V.E.

The beautiful Tachi Wiltshire at Bajezen shares her experiences and wisdom practices in slaying negative vibes, turning them into positive energy that serves her being and soul.

If ever you find you are in a funk, give these practices consideration. These may just be the positive solution you are seeking. 

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How I Know I am Never Alone and What You Need to Know

How I Know I am Never Alone and What You Need to Know

I share my 1st steps in Europe, the beginning of a Parisan adventure. Despite all that appears foreign, I am accompanied by the undercurrent of good that underwrites my life.

Not knowing language or land, I find myself greeted by familiar souls, bridging the sacred past to the ever unfolding present.

In this post, I share my experience and the the five spiritual practices that have nursed and nurtured my personal growth. Through these 5 steps, I practice presence - staying connected to the ever present good that is life. 

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How to Surrender Control and Totally Love Your Life

How to Surrender Control and Totally Love Your Life

The facts tell all: to do lists, organizers, schedules, bullet journals, even recipes! Although these are tools for productive (and yummy 😋) living, we may be a bit attached. Rather than utilizing them as tools, we’ve become somewhat neurotic and dependent - our tools run us!!  (Think about your smart phone 😬😳😱). 

Check out these 6 audacious practices that help keep me ahead of the addiction to control. They “grow” me out of my comfort zone as I lean into the bliss that is my one precious life.

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The Nasty Reptile: How Aggression Lives in You and What You Need to Know

The Nasty Reptile: How Aggression Lives in You and What You Need to Know

Many of us act instinctively and may not even be aware that we're not in control of our reactions.

The irritation we feel may turn into agitation and then we become aggregated.  Rather than reacting with agitation, irritation or even aggression, we might stop to take a breath, and tame that crazy reptile within!  

Included in this article are the four steps to Taming Your Inner Reptile.

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On Listening...

If we are to be divinely guided in our lives, we must be listening.
— Linda Curry
We Must be Listening in order to hear.  Guest Post Linda Curry - Path of Presence

Guest Post by Linda Curry, True Balance Wellness

If we are to be divinely guided in our lives, we must be listening. But how can we ensure we are truly listening?

In our productive lives, listening is not always a walk in the park. After seeing documentary “Walk With Me: A Journey Into Mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hanh,” I was reminded the importance of slow, deliberate movement.

I can still see Thich Nhat Hanh leading his followers through the forest as if in slow motion. Each step onto the earth appeared deliberate and conscious. I sat in the theater able to feel his foot touch the earth crunching the dried leaves, and I could hear each bird and insect coming through.

The clouds drifted as in slow motion as my mind was moving at the same speed. Everything slowed down around me as I became still inside.

When in this state of consciousness and deliberate movement, it is much easier to listen, observe, feel. When present, the guidance is loud and clear. The guidance is exactly what you are conscious to. The foot touching the earth, the birds and insects communicating, the clouds drifting – that is your guidance. Just being present to what is, is the guidance we are invited to follow.

I know most probably hope for divine intervention that catapults you to make a clear business decision that will ramp your revenue 200% in the next month. But that is not what this journey is about.

Being present and conscious of life is what life is.

Whatever happens from there is perfection, on-point, purposeful. Being fully present with each step, word, glance, and pen stroke is all that is asked of us.

The rest will fall into place, into formation for your spiritual journey.

In what ways do YOU practice (or might you practice) deep listening? 

10 to Zen :: Practicing Surrender as a Path of Remembering

10toZen-A Practice of Surrender and Release to Lighten Our Path // Path of Presence // Inspiration for the Mindful Soul

If anyone knows me and my sweet family, they'll know that we are upwardly mobile.  Every couple of years, we are on an adventure, and we live in a new state (body, mind, and spirit), allowing us to renew what we need and release what we do not.

Our philosophy that life is to be lived, embraced and experienced has given us the courage to relocate where we want, anywhere in the world.  This privileged lifestyle has paved way for us to meet amazing people everywhere we have resided, and we love it.

This gives way to clear out not simply the physical items, but also the emotional baggage that may have collected. 

One of the most amazing gifts about moving often is the opportunity to clear out what we no longer need.  

Intentionally releasing the item(s) frees the energy to travel back from wherever it came.  This list is part of our moving list now, and I'm sharing it in case anyone wants to join us in surrendering that which no longer serves ...  Aho!



My Soul is My Guide

MySoulisMy Guide on this path of presence

In times when we feel lost, we often look for advice from all around us.  We ask friends, families, mental health professionals.

Often times, solace is sought through escape:  we numb out, distract ourselves and look for a solution to our heart problems.

In times when it feels as though nothing is right, look within.

The answer is written on our hearts.  

Our soul is on mission here to reignite who we've come to be.  In order to truly live, let go of dear life.  

In times of challenge, when the last thing I want to go is let go, I heed this memory:  surrender, and let my soul be my guide