Come Home to Worth

Affirmation: I am inherently worthy just as I am.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Come Home to Worth - Affirmation:  I am inherently worthy just as I am.

I marvel at the path of growth that I have experienced in the past year.

No matter the topic, be it formal schooling, parenting, blogging, business, or navigating social media, it seems that the pattern of growth remains the same.

Growth & Self Recognition

In every instance, desire, the knock on my heart, is the call itself.  What-so-ever the why my passion ignites with the thoughts of possibility.  I begin to calendar, plan, strategize and prepare.

I am well aware that I lean heavily toward ambition. Doing well is the only possibility if I engage in something, right?  Afterall, I would not start anything that I am not committed to.

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It's Good to Do Well!

My positivity and propensity for unbridled success push my determination forward.  I am in love with learning - the idea of expanding my mind, my skill and my heart fuels me at my very core.  The results of hard work shows itself and I am gratified, 

The pay off is big: I feel important, competent, capable! Many times, my humanity pushes me beyond my limits.

Like a child in a candy store, I want everything I see.  The idea that I can do it all, and have it all overcomes me, and quite frankly, like anyone who is building anything, I get caught up.

I get caught up in the fun, the enthusiasm, and the success (and sometimes, drama) that comes with learning and building, and succeeding!

It is in times like this, even when I feel the exhilaration of sweet success, that I remind myself - it, too, is not me.

Success is a result of hard work.  But, success is not me.  It is no different than saying failure is not me.

What I do or not do does NOT determine my worth.

I am inherently worthy just as I am.

I am not more worthy because I have succeeded through sacrifice, commitment, and mental capacity.  My existence is not less worthy if I should falter.

Those who have succeeded so do at a cost.  This cost is balanced with a payoff.  For some, the cost may be time spent with children, or success might be at the expense of a relationship (intimate or otherwise).  What is your success subconsciously creating in mind? 

Many may not be aware that the sub-routine we may be running is simply a sense of "I do, therefore, I am worthy.  When I stop doing, my worth diminishes."

In your quiet time, think about that.

Many times, when I cease activity, I feel guilty - many of us do!  How about you? Do you feel guilty when you stop before you think you are at a place where you CAN stop?   It is a side-effect of being a westerner.

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When I am filled to my eyeballs with tasks that MUST be completed; When I feel the strain and stress of meeting deadlines and my schedule overflowing with items "to do," and I feel the pressure to COMPLETE, I remember to STOP.

So, I Stop.

I simply stop and affirm, "I am inherently worthy just as I am."

When was the last time you acknowledged your own worth? 

Won't you stop reading just for a couple seconds to affirm:   "I am inherently worthy just as I am."

Let that synchronize into your heart:  "I am inherently worthy just as I am."

You may feel a slight tenderness in your heart.  You may brush it off.  Your heart might be a bit confused to be seen in such a way.  You might be confused, or hurt, or angry that I have suggested this.

But, give it a chance.  Recognizing, acknowledging and affirming your worth may just be the strength of Love needed to remind you or your beautiful, sacred heart.

You see, I promised myself a long time ago to never straggle too far from my heart.  Getting all caught up, stressed out and frantic means that I am no longer at peace.  And I had already determined that my heart space is a refuge for my soul/

When I am feeling imbalanced and stressed, I become a human doer rather than what I truly am:  a human being.

In times like that, I stop.  


I drop.

I breathe.

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Waking Up (Again & Again)

Coming home to myself is a single conscious moment of awareness of where am I, what I am doing and what my state of mind is.

In the moment of breath, I am once again, activated, and reminded that in all that is to do, I must also remember to BE.

What about you?  A which point do you realize that you may have gone overboard with doing, and not enough being?  Is it hard to sit still? Is your mind always ticking 24/7?  How do you come home to yourself and your heart?


Instructions for a Radical, Transformative Practice of Coming Home to Yourself.

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul. 

  1. For a few minutes each day, find space where you will be undisturbed. 
  2. Stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom, or dresser.  Or simply, hold up a hand mirror, large enough to see your beautiful face. 
  3. Take three long deep breathes.  As you do so, be present to the soul before you. 
  4. Slowly, as you are complete, look yourself in the eye. 
  5. Take a breath, and affirm slowly, looking yourself in the eye: "I am inherently worthy just as I am." 
  6. Breathe it in.  Feel it.  Let that sync in on a deeper level. 
  7. Do this slowly another 3 - 5 more times. 
  8. Use this practice, 5 minutes a day, once in the morning and once before you sleep.  Let it do its work in, though and as you.  You may feel like a liar in the beginning.  Keep at it. 
  9. Do this for 21 days, and see what happens! 

As you called, share your results with us (or with me private)