7 Benefits of Deep Breathing and What You Need to Know

7 Benefits of Deep Breathing and What You Need to Know

This awareness of breathing deeply is the beginning of a larger awareness of Self that is a blue print to what makes you tick.

The practice of slow, deep, intentional breathing is a window to better understand yourself: insight on what drives you, and what might be behind your actions.

Slowing down the breath may also hold the key to the mystery of life, providing profound insights to your soul’s purpose.

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Experience Life

All of life sings; see me, dance with me, I’m here.
— Rev. Douglas Duerr
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Guest Post by Rev. Douglas Duerr

Embrace the Season!  A new season of beauty and wonder is exploding in expression through the symphony played out in her leaves - the crisp air dances to the autumn song as the trees begin to blush against the oh so charming blue sky.


What have you noticed in this season of change and how do you practice the courage to embrace it?  Please share as you are called. <3