How I Know I am Never Alone and What You Need to Know

How I Know I am Never Alone and What You Need to Know

I share my 1st steps in Europe, the beginning of a Parisan adventure. Despite all that appears foreign, I am accompanied by the undercurrent of good that underwrites my life.

Not knowing language or land, I find myself greeted by familiar souls, bridging the sacred past to the ever unfolding present.

In this post, I share my experience and the the five spiritual practices that have nursed and nurtured my personal growth. Through these 5 steps, I practice presence - staying connected to the ever present good that is life. 

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Focus on the Good

Focus on the good - Path of Presence - Gratitude Practice

When I (we) focus on the good, I (we) pave way for the positive, making room for miracles.

I give thanks today, for the UNITY Movement, and for all those whom I've been privileged enough to walk with - because of this love, I am a walking miracle.

What do you claim in gratitude today?

Please share it below as you are called. <3 Evelyn

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