Make Yourself a Priority

Make Yourself a Priority // Path of Presence // Self-Worth // Inspiration for Moms and Women // Self-Care

So much of what we do is in the name of service ~ to provide for, to care for, to be in service to another.  In our own way, we contribute to a better world and create the future of planet Earth for our children.

Along the way, I have gathered and learned some sage wisdom.  One of them is to fill my own cup first, before serving another.  This practice is not one of selfishness, it is one of preservation.

One cannot serve from an empty cup, after all.  Giving on an empty cup is a path to burnout and resentment. 

If you feel overworked and scarce, stop.  Name one thing you can do for yourself today that will be nurturing for you, be it a walk, 5 minutes of breath, a pedicure, or just washing your hair!  

Make yourself a priority! YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Take care of YOU ... and take loving action (to practice self-care) today. <3 

What's your favorite self-care activity?  Share it with us as you are called! <3