Begin Each Day with a Grateful Heart

For me, my day begins the moment of waking consciousness.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman, M. Div.
Begin Each Day With a Grateful Heart | [path of Presence, Reverend Evelyn Foreman

How do you begin each day?  Does your day begin after coffee?  Or do you count the moment you place your feet on the floor as the beginning of the day?

There are days when my eyes are still closed, and I lay in bed, feeling the warmth of my sheets. Still other days, I am awakened by the rustling of my children, whispering to each other at the foot of my bed. 

At the point of waking consciousness, I pray.  My prayers is always the same - everyday, regardless of who wakes me or how I wake.  Whether my eyes are opened or closed, my prayer is the same: thank you.

My gratitude extends from the life I am privileged to live, to the lives on my. path:  my loving family, my dear friends and even those who call me to my best and highest self.  

Everyday, I begin with two little words that comprise of my daily prayer: THANK YOU.

How about you, dear One?  How do you begin your day? <3

Focus on the Good

Focus on the good - Path of Presence - Gratitude Practice

When I (we) focus on the good, I (we) pave way for the positive, making room for miracles.

I give thanks today, for the UNITY Movement, and for all those whom I've been privileged enough to walk with - because of this love, I am a walking miracle.

What do you claim in gratitude today?

Please share it below as you are called. <3 Evelyn

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