The World is Loud - Divine Wisdom is Soft

Life is so much brighter when we focus what truly matters.
— Rev. Douglas Duerr
Daily Inspiration - The World is LOUD - Divine Wisdom is Soft - Rev Douglas Duerr - Path of Presence

Guest Post by Rev. Douglas Duerr

Sometimes we may need to step aside, move away from the noise and listen.

When we take a moment (or ten) to do this, we find a new strength to emit big love into the universe rather than absorbing the loud voices of separation.

Are you listening to your hearts call ... or quickly waiting to speak? 

It’s all about the questions within, filled with a sincerity of our heart and the ability to receive the answer.  It often comes in a gentle whisper.

Today's Affirmation: "The radiance of life reflects love when we pause to truly listen to who we are - Love."


What wisdom speaks softly to you thats is the ONE THING tugging at your heart?

Live Life As If Everything is Set in Your Favor

Live Life as if everything . is set in your favor :: Inspiration for Women :: Motivational quotes for moms :: Gentle Reminders for Self-care :: Path of Presence

I absolutely LOVE this reminder: "Live life as If EVERYTHING is set in your favor" because it is!

When I was in my early 20's I met Nicki. Nicki was about 5 years younger than me, but what she said made a huge impact on my perspective of life.

I was faced with difficulties of choice and challenge as any 20 something year old would.  I honestly cannot remember what my challenge was, but I remember what she said to me.  

She asked me to look back on all the challenges in my life - every single one of them. She even asked me to call up the most difficult moments that I wished was not so.

And then, she asked me to get present in the moment.  And when I did, she reminded that I am, as I was present, perfectly okay. I am safe, no matter what. 

She asked me to realize that whatever occurred in my past has already happened and that, as things are working itself out right in THIS moment, they too, will be okay.

Without even knowing it, she helped me understand and to subscribe to the belief that truly everything conspires to my favor!  

Everything, ALWAYS works out - either I win, or I learn. Either way, I ALWAYS come up on with abundance overflowing.  This is a miraculous truth:  that everything is set in my favor!  Thank you, and bless you, Nicki, for your sage advice and wisdom!

Can you relate to a difficulty, that you can see now how it has served you?  Please share as you are called.  Namaste, dear Heart.  Light in you as you remember your soul and unfold with grace. <3