New Year, New YOU: Positive & Powerful [Podcast, Unity Online Radio]

On Integration & Brain Soul Rebalancing, Air Date: January 19, 2018

Louise Swartswalter - Brain expert - The Call of Spirit - Evelyn Foreman

Join Rev. Evelyn Foreman and Dr. Louise Swartswalter in conscious conversation as they dialogue about how to achieve true freedom by rebalancing the energy field. They discuss Brain Soul Balancing, a method of dynamic healing to truly release what holds you back. The work of Brain Soul Balancing integrates all of who you are: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual, so you can to show up in life, positively and powerfully.  

Through this healing and release, anyone can be 100% their soul's truth - so they can truly achieve what they are here to do, and allow their gifts to shine.  This espisode will end with a short centering meditation to integrate the work further.

In the Magic of Christmas [Podcast, Unity Online Radio]

Grief, Change and The Holidays, Air Date: December 20, 2017

Revs Douglas Duerr and Evelyn Foreman - The Call of Spirit - In the Magic of Christmas - on Grief, Change and The Holidays

As change unfolds, and time marches on, the holidays may be a time of remembrance (and challenge) for many. How do we celebrate outwardly when we are undergoing grief? How do we recover from the pain of losing Ones we love and hold so dear?

Reverend Doug shares the wonder of his late brother Ernie, and Ernie’s childlike wisdom and approach to life, offering gifts beyond grief.

Practical tools are offered to help us integrate love, loss, grief, and gifts through the holiday season, enabling our hearts to stay wide open for Spirit’s gentle flow. A short meditation is available at the end of the show to foster Light and grounding presence.

What Our Soul Intends [Podcast, Unity Online Radio]

Vision Boarding as a Spiritual Practice, Air Date: December 6, 2017

What Our Soul Intends: Vision Boarding as Spiritual Practice” with Revs. Evelyn Foreman and Jeniffer Hutchins

Join Reverends Evelyn Foreman ( and Jeniffer Hutchins, Founding Minister of Unity Ministry Arts in sacred, heart-to-heart dialogue about the deeper energy behind vision boarding as a way to hold an idea / concept until it is manifests. They talk about vision boarding as the tangible aspect of prayer, what it is to arrive at ourselves through visioning, and the creative process as a dynamic of life. 

Want to know about how to be a force for good? Listen in and learn more about the Kindness Rocks Project that is being implemented right now, and how you can participate in the rippling effect of compassion, love and peace. This episode concludes with a brief centering meditation of breath to come back to the Light within.