Reclaiming Your Sexy from the Inside Out [Podcast, Unity Online Radio]

Linda-1-PIN-Rev 01-16-2018.pngReclaiming Your Sexy from the Inside Out Linda Curry True Balance Wellness - The Call of Spirit - Reverend Evelyn Foreman

Show Airs on Fridays at 9am Central (7am Pacific and 10am Eastern).

Debuts: January 26, 2018

Many start the year with resolutions for change and growth.  A popular resolution seen across the board is one that involves our journey with food. What is your relationship & resolution with food this year?  Join Reverend Evelyn and author, teacher and speaker Linda J. Curry in sacred conversation about how to never deprive yourself of food again.  

In an enlightening and joy-filled discussion, they chat about Linda's signature system:  The 4-Minute Miracle on how to stop dieting, to drop deprivation, and to reclaim your sexy.  Learn the basic components of what you need to do to change your mindset today.

Join us at the end of our show for a short meditation to reclaim and remember how to be with yourself with love and compassion.