When Your Calling Beckons [Podcast, Unity Online Radio]


Show Airs on Fridays at 9am Central (7am Pacific and 10am Eastern).

Debuts:  February 23, 2018

Kim "Skipper" Corbin founder of the Worldwide Skipping Movement joins the Unity Online Radio Network and Reverend Evelyn Foreman on The Call of Spirit (www.TheCallofSpirit.com) in this enlightening episode about choosing joy over fear.  Kim is the host of Unity Online Radio's Show “The New World Now”  which airs Fridays at 1pm CT.

They discuss the difference between the voice of Spirit versus the inner critic and what happens when we take the next step on our hero’s journey. This episode encourages us all to truly listen to the magic of imagination and creativity, which dissipates the dissolution of living in a world where we need to “fit in.”  Don’t miss out on skip tips and a short guided meditation practice at the end of the episode, returning you to joy and the peace that resides within.

"When Your Calling Beckons" with Reverend Evelyn Foreman and Kim "Skipper" Corbin