The Call of Spirit: Tune In to Possibility


Rev. Evelyn Foreman, Unity Online Radio Network

Listen in on this podcast as Reverend Evelyn talks with her guests about the calling that arises, inspiring guests to embrace their walk in life.


Program Overview

Hard work, perseverance, and “pushing through” have helped many of us succeed in life. Most often these achievements come at a price of compromise, sacrifice, and, at times, turning a deaf ear to the Call of Spirit. Perhaps this is an antiquated definition of success. It seems in most cases, those who succeed most profoundly and with the greatest meaning are those who embrace their passions and whose work is also their love.

On the road to success, many lose sight of dreams and abandon passion in favor of practicality. We don’t recognize the numbing effects that lead to dysfunction, addiction, and broken relationships. We plod through life. Each day brings the same old circumstances and our dreams and passions are abandoned as relics of our past. What happens next in this sojourn? Are you ready to fan the flame of passion? Our show explores the path of those who have!

Join our host, Evelyn Foreman, for heart-opening conversations and inspiring stories of discovery, awakening, and transformation. She will talk with those among us who have found Spirit’s calling as they share their experiences—both successes and failures—as part of their unfolding life journey.  All episodes beyond 2016 conclude with a meditation experience you can take with you to help you tune in to Spirit’s call and dive deep into the very topic of the show.