In the practice of presence, we integrate and embody that which we came here to be, and that which we came here to do.  

At Path of Presence, our goal is to provide tools and resources to entrepreneurs to successfully market their social media program online.

The space for internet and digital marketing has become a standard for success. Social media has become a viable and necessary medium for entrepreneurs. Social platforms are used by every sector of business to increase visibility of their brand, grow their following, and earn business relationships.

For the entrepreneur trying to do it all, hyper multi-tasking comes with a lot of overwhelm. We forget that we are integrated human beings, and begin to compartmentalize in order to cope.

This is especially true for those of us Type A personalities that wish to "do it right." Does it seem that you can't get anything done until everything is set in place?

Reverend Evelyn Foreman, Founder and CEO, Path of Presence LLC

Evelyn Foreman, Founder

Minister, Mom, Mystic, Entrepreneur, Radio Host, Author, Auntie, Wife, Friend, Digital Content Marketing Strategist, Creative Soul Expressing

The founder of Path of Presence, Evelyn Foreman, spent years in the process of taking action, listening and working through frustrations.  She has also been working with other business owners, who have expressed the same frustrations trying to get their business up and humming online.

Everyone has a similar issue and a very unique way of saying "I'm not good with technology" as an expression for not having an organized, systematic way of getting up and running.  Through the overwhelm, and the sleepless nights, most entrepreneurs, program creators and solopreneurs feel defeated, alone, disheartened and overwhelmed.

Strategy, focus and execution seems to be a messy project, and the fault lies not in our self-sufficiency, but in not having a workable system in place.   

Our learning curve is part of our path to becoming - to coming home to our integrated, most true, authentic selves.  There is the outer process of learning how to be successful as on online entreprenuer.  And then, there is an inner process that is at play - our soul in a larger process of our head and heart home to ourselves, as our best authority.   

When things do not go our way, our ego wants to shove it down, put it away and forsake it, saying, "Uh, it's not for me."  When we embrace our challenges, like our shadow - when we are present to it, we are able to process it in a way that help us grow up. We accept the opportunity to integrated emotional and personal growth in business, as in life.

We learn to accept our strengths and challenges, embracing the wholeness that we've come to be. In doing so, we become present. We keep our essential selves in the forefront as we integrate body, mind and spirit, work, business and life as a Path of Presence.

We demonstrate abundance and ability by mindfully steeping up, courageously showing up and taking guided action as we are called.

This is why Path of Presence exists.  

Our community is a platform to empower you - to provide you with the solutions you need, to show you step-by-step the  systems and processes that need to be automated, so you can be present to the most important part of your business: your people.  

I truly believe that all can have limitless success if provided the right strategies. This knowledge should be available to ALL "preneurs" (entrepreneurs, womanpreneurs, mompreneurs, infopreneurs, alike), regardless of what you offer, how large your business is, or how long you’ve been in business.

You deserve to know what works and we want to Support you to create a space for this abundance.

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