Anxious to Amazing in 45 Minutes a Day

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.
— Wayne Dyer
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Filters in life are important.

Sunglasses, for example, protect and filters the suns harmful rays from your delicate eyes.

Swimming pool filters do a similar thing, keeping sand, debris, and particles out of the pool while you swim.

In the same light, each one of us also wears an invisible filter and carry it with us everywhere we go. Our filters are beliefs, values, and perspectives that help us live our lives, filtering anything that might seem harmful and unpleasant.

Stop to think for a moment:

  • Are you aware of what metaphorical filters you may have on?
  • What beliefs do you have about life / yourself / the world that you once held dear, but that may no longer serve you?
  • Are you happy and satisfied about how you see  the world?

If you feel restricted or out of integrity in your living, it might be because you have outgrown your filter.

It may be time to make a change.

Empower Yourself

If (and when) life feels dim and bleak, the empowering consideration to change your filter may be wise.  

Most who are into self-improvement and personal growth started their path at a place where life feels less than stellar.

The post below, written by guest Lucy Smith, is a pathway to overcoming an old filter that no longer serves her. She writes about anxiety and how she broke through the filters in her life that once held her back. 

My Journey to Overcoming Anxiety and Transforming My Life by Lucy Smith

I’m going to share with you a personal story about some challenges that I faced a few years ago.

At this time I had no confidence. I was unhappy. I had a fear of driving. I had anxiety about going to work. I was nervous around people. I pushed away my family and friends.

I felt alone. I felt unworthy. I felt useless.

I could go on about my feelings and struggles at that time, but I’d much rather talk about what’s happened since. If you’re in a similar situation, so I was, I’m sure you’ll find this next part very useful.

You can read more about my story and the tools I used here:

How I got through it is quite simple. I found PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT. I never knew it existed, but I am so glad that I found it. It has completely changed my life.

I started reading books, listening to podcasts, meditating and exercising. I started reading positive affirmations, visualizing, practicing gratitude, journaling and talking about my feelings to my family.

This may seem a lot to add to your life at one time, but I was willing to try anything to change the state I was in.

I just set my alarm 45 minutes earlier than I needed to and did the whole routine first thing in the morning before my day even started.

The results have been incredible, I built my confidence, overcame fears and anxiety and removed my negative limiting beliefs. I feel happier, and I enjoy work and social situations. I wake up feeling ready for the day. I love my life.

Read: Morning Routine 

If you’re facing any challenges, I’d love for you to spend some time reflecting on them and writing down your thoughts and feelings. This will really help you to get it off your chest and seem more manageable to overcome.

You can then start to plan how you will overcome the challenges. What will you add to your day? What time of the day? What is the outcome you want?

Visualise your life the way you want it.

Think about how it feels, how you look, how you act. Get as specific as you can on all the details and really feel it as though you are living it.

I can’t wait to hear about your plans to improve your life and your journey so far, so leave a comment to let me know.

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About the Author

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Lucy Smith is a personal development coach supporting others in their journey to overcoming anxiety, fears and limiting beliefs and improving their mindset.

You can find her at where there is a range of support to help you on your personal development journey.

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  • We all feel anxiety from time to time. What practices do you engage in to transform yourself to a better state of being?

  • Are you aware of any filters you may be wearing that serve you well?  What about the one(s) that are outdated?  

  • Please share anything on your heart this post may have awakened.