Choose to Be Crazy Happy: 5 Tips To Increase Positivity

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Would you say you are an optimist? Or are you more of a pessimist?

Given any situation or challenge, optimists look at things in a positive light.  Optimists have a tendency to look things favorable and truly expect the most favorable outcome for any given situation.

Pessimists, in the other hand, do the opposite as they see things with much caution.  Pessimists have the tendency to see, anticipate, or emphasize only bad or undesirable outcomes, results, conditions, problems, etc.

While no one is an absolute optimist or pessimist, we all have a tendency to sway one way, or another.  

Awareness of whether you lean toward being the grouchy cynic or the Mary Poppins in life will help you connect the pieces from your starting point to the end result you desire.  This is especially applicable during times of resolutions, renewals and goal follow throughs. 

Given that most people unknowingly set themselves up for failure when it comes to resolutions, many, by February, may find themselves jaded as new year's resolutions fizzle out.

Instead of setting yourself up for failure, choose to be crazy happy by implementing and integrating these 5 tips to increase positivity, written by Lucy Smith below.

Tip # 1 to Positivity: Gratitude

It is proven that focusing on and being grateful for what you do have in your life will increase your happiness. So often we focus on what we want saying “I wish...” and “I want...” if we simply changed this to focus on everything you do have and thinking “I’m so grateful for...” I guarantee you will feel happier by doing this, you will appreciate everything you have and in turn feel happier. There are many ways you can practice gratitude, I always write down three things that I’m grateful for every morning in my journal.

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Tip # 2 to Positivity: Journal

Not only is writing down your thoughts a great way clear your head and help you to feel calm it will also make you feel happier. You can write down anything that you are feeling to get your thoughts, feelings and ideas down on paper and out of your head. I like to write three things that I’m grateful for, three affirmations then all of my feelings and ideas. How you journal is completely up to you, you can write it in any format, for as long as you’d like. I do recommend journaling first thing in the morning before starting your day to get the most from it.

Tip # 3 to Positivity: Exercise

When exercising positive hormones are released into the brain, you will feel instantly happier during and after a workout. If you struggle with motivation to start working out it is a good idea to plan workouts that you enjoy and do them at the same time every day. I always exercise first thing in the morning, so choose a time that works for you and set an alarm or anything you need to do to remind yourself. Write a list of all the workouts you enjoy and new ones you would like to try. Try different things and experiment as this will keep you excited about exercise. I personally love to use YouTube to watch short workout videos and look at Pinterest for inspiration.

Tip # 4 to Positivity: Read

I always find myself in a better mood when starting my day with reading, even throughout the day if I need a break or want to take some time for myself I sit down and read for a while. I love to read personal development books to improve my mindset, or business books to develop my knowledge. You can read these types of books if they interest you or any books that you enjoy. If you’re not a big reader you can listen to audiobooks or even podcasts to improve your mindset or learn more about anything you want to.

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Tip # 5 to Positivity: Podcasts

When getting ready, eating or doing any other daily activities, what do you do? Do you watch the tv? The news? Do you then feel a negative impact on your mindset from what you have seen? I used to watch the news while I was eating breakfast and wondered why I started the day feeling deflated, upset and generally negative because most of the stories that morning were bad news. I now eat my breakfast while listening to one of the many podcasts that I am subscribed to. I listen to many from mindset, positivity tips to business and marketing tips. You can find a podcast for anything you are interested in. Here are a few of my favourites:

  • Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations
  • The School Of Greatness - Lewis Howes
  • The Mindful Kind by Rachel Kable
  • Optimal Living Daily

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What do you do to increase positivity in YOUR life?  Which of the 5 mentioned about have you not tried? and/or be willing to take a slab at to keep (or get) your happy?