9 Social Media Schedulers Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know

9 Social Media Schedulers Every Entrepreneur Needs to Know as You and Your Business Grow

9 Social Media Schedulers Every Solopreneur Needs to Know

Here they are:  1. Everypost, 2. Hootsuite, 3. Buffer, 4. Postcron, 5. Smarter Queue, 6. Recur Post, 7. Meet Edgar, 8. CoSchedule and 9. Sprout Social

If you have decided to build community through social media, social media schedulers are a MUST HAVE tool.  Social media schedulers help you sort, organize and plan your campaigns so that you can engage with your audience.

With soooo many options out there, where do you start?  In this article, I’ve created 3 sections of distinction, based on price, which is also a function of capacity. Regardless of price or function, the following are important to me:

1.     Visual – it is visually meaningful to me.  I can make heads and tails of what I am looking at, and I know what goes out on which day.

2.     Reposting / recycling content is easy to manage

3.     It is not cost prohibitive.  At this time, I do not need an enterprise, big business solution.  As a small business entrepreneur, I simply need a system that will work and save me lots of time.   

Having explained this, what is also important is that the social scheduling tool be able to post on Facebook pages and groups as I use these channels frequently.

It is also important to note that all these channels are amazing, in that they can do what no person can do in a fraction of the time.  Can you imagine manually posting on every single social media channel, and how much time it would take? 

To chose the right service for you, read through the following and try them out.  The best way to decipher what works for you is to know what doesn’t so give it a go.  Be gentle on yourself during this learning curve, and share with us in the group www.Facebook.com/pathofpresence)    what’s going on.  Many of us have undergone the frustrations of getting up and going, and can offer suggestions as well as compassion).

*Special Note:  This report is also my synthesis of a wonderful blog article I read (33 Social Media Scheduling Tools Compared) by Dylan Robertson who created a spreadsheet on Google docs as the Source Data for my article below.  The source data and spreadsheet can be found here:  http://bit.ly/2sJ7njp

Small (Inexpensive social media scheduling plans, much functionality and very popular). 

Hootsuite Everypost Buffer Postcron Comparison

They all start at about $10 a month, with a free trial period for 7, days, 14 days and 30 days on Buffer, Everypost and Hootsuite, respectively.

Hootsuite and Everypost have the most functionality with the following features built in:  Analytics, video posting, bulk image upload, recycling or repeating posts, post schedule categories, calculating the optimal time to schedule.  They even have a forever free plan that you can use. 

I have discontinued the use of Hootsuite and Everypost because I was not visually impressed.  Other than that, I think they are fine services, but each personal must find the right system for them.

Buffer is in the same price range, does not have some of the functioning the Hootsuite and Everypost offers (such as image bulk upload, recycling/repeat posts and schedule categories).  The user interface, however makes up for this as it is both excellent on both web and mobile apps.  One of the great things I love about Buffer is that they have an image creator that allows you to design your own social media posts, with the bonus of adding your own logo and web address for each post you create.  This feature is available at:  https://pablo.buffer.com.  As of this posting, this service is free to charge, whether you are using buffer as your scheduler, or not. We have a free training video on how to use this function here. https://buffer.com/pricing

A 4th contender that is relatively new to market, and inexpensive is Postcron.  Postcron does not have a forever free plan, but does support up[ to 15 social accounts with unlimited pending posts, content recommendations and a bulk uploader.  It also has a feature that will allow you to upload a watermark, which will brand your social media graphic to personal your brand. 

One set back with Postcron are the reviews of its mobile app.  Do a search on your mobile device for the Postcron app and you can read the feedback for yourself.  In short, the complaints are that the mobile site is not working to par, reflected by 1 out of 5 stars.  The pricing for Postcron is $12.49/month paid annually or $14.99/month, paid monthly. http://bit.ly/2tWnf1p

I have tried Hootsuite, Everypost and Buffer over the years and have not had any problems with their services.  Having said that, I am also not so impressed that I am married to them.  Therefore, I am experimenting with some of the mid-range services which are more user friendly for a visual learner, like myself.

Medium (Middle of the road social media schedulers)

Smarter Queue Recur Post and Meet Edgar Social Media Schedulers

Pricing on these schedulers begin at $20, $25, and $49 for SmarterQueue, Recur Post and Meet Edgar, respectively. 


I love the explainer video on the home page of SmarterQueue – it makes posting easy and simple with a visually engaging content calendar, post recycling and content curation ability. It also has detailed analytics about which hashtags are most effective to your audience, when the best posting is and the categories and reposting saves time!  So far, I have heard nothing but stellar reviews on this product.  http://bit.ly/2s3uP96 In my research, I found Recur Post…

Recur Post

I have tried Recur post (simply because they have a free option that allows me to test up to 3 accounts). Recur Post has a generous forever free plan that will enable you to post to  3 platforms.  Beyond 3, the price per month is $25. So, far, I am really digging this service and the reason why is that is has all the functioning of SmarterQueue, and the frankly, the layout is easy to maneuver.  http://bit.ly/2rYYDsa


Meet Edgar was one of the pioneers to create a recycle post.  You can set an automatic posting of your most engaged content.  Even with a trial, however, the cost of usage begins at $49/month, which is a barrier of entry for me, and so I released it.  http://bit.ly/2t2yN6m

Large (Robust and Collaborative Social Schedulers)

More robust schedulers include CoSchedule and Sprout Social, which begins at $30/ month and $99/month, respectively.  Both these systems are powerful tools for social business and have integrations for the most popular social media channels.  Not only do they have detailed analytics tools, you can also monitor trends and engagement, workflows, consolidate and collaborate across teams, enabling everything to be organized in one place.

For details, visit the links below:

So what sounds good to you?  Where are you going to start?  Share your comments and experience below or come by our Facebook Community and join our discussion.

Lack of Storage & The Solution to Space

Out of storage for social media postings

Lack of storage on my mobile device:  How do I continue to post to my social media accounts when my phone is out of space?

Social media today have become visually intensive. It is imperative to have great pictures when we submit a post to our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest accounts. Our mobile devices have become more and more sophisticated to support this function.  Yet, when we run out of storage space on our device, what can we do?

The solution for lack of storage on your phone is to back up it, and move your precious photos to another device.  How do we do so without much effort?

There are many services out there that can back up  photos so you can access them anywhere.  This frees up the storage and memory space on your smart phone and you would never run out of storage again.  

The following photo backup services are ones I have used and have personally experienced, enabling more space for me to play with on my device:  iCloud, Dropbox, Google and Shoebox.

I’ve made commentary below, and have also provided links to the pricing and plans pages for your convenience.  These services can be found simply by search for "photo backup" on your application download from your device.

Whether you love them or hate them, if you end up using any of the services mentioned (or find new ones) for photo backups and to streamline your social media postings, please comment below so we can all share in this knowledge.  Thanks!  Evelyn


If you own apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, mac) or even PC, iCloud enables up to 5GB of free storage that syncs with your photos and documents through your apple id.  Beyond that, storage space of 50GB is $1 a month, and approximately $3 for 200GB.  If you need 2TB of space for backup, the cost is approximately $10 a month.  https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT201238


Download the dropbox mobile app and sync it to your desktop application. So long as you have the same user id and password, files from either desktop, mobile or web access will mimic one another.   Any photos you take will be backed up to your dropbox, which lives in the cloud, forever.  You may access these files anywhere on the internet or on your desktop. Dropbox can upload more than just photos, enabling you to sync virtually any document or file from your mobile device to your desktop (with web access), and vice versa.  There is a free version of dropbox, which gives up to 2 GB of free space.  If you refer others to dropbox, up to 16 GB are allotted as a referral credit.  Paid services begin at approximately $10 for 1 TB of storage per month.  I personally have been a dropbox fan for many years, and I never worry about lost data, or computer crashes, knowing that everything I produce on my desktop is backed up and synced to my files on the cloud.  https://www.dropbox.com/plans

Google Photos

Google photos offers unlimited storage for backups of video and photos for free.  You will never need to worry about space on your phone again.  There is a visual search function in this app that allows you to search by people, places and things without tagging.  Other features include advanced editing, automatic albums firm, and you can send photos in seconds without compromising text or email data.  Not only are there editing functions for the photos, but if you choose, you can create beautiful slides, collages, movies and more. 

I have not been a fan of google drive or photos having had dropbox for a number of years.  This could be simply a preference, but I find dropbox simpler and easier to use. I also do not want to deal with any possibility of privacy issues and data mining when it comes to my personal photos.  Google Drive Pricing Guide:  https://www.google.com/drive/pricing/

See also:


Shoebox is an app specifically for photo backups.  Any photos you take on your smart phone will be uploaded to your account on the cloud.  You will be able to access your photos on your mobile device, anywhere there is internet (web access, and also on your desktop.  The forever free plan is available and provides up to 15 minutes of video backup.  The paid plan, which $5 a month allows for 10 hours of video backup.   https://shoeboxapp.com/pricing

If you end up using any of the services mentioned (or find new ones) please comment below so we can all share in this knowledge.  Thanks!  Evelyn

On Life, Love and Loss

Presence is active, alert consciousness. Every breath – fresh, alive and full of possibility. Every heartbeat – a moment by moment opportunity for choice.

Every visitor that arises – person, place, thing; circumstance, emotion, memory; every loss, every hope, every love is fertile with life!

When we are courageous enough to say “Yes” to presence, we become One, merging as both traveler and witness to our sojourn here on Earth.