7 Benefits of Deep Breathing and What You Need to Know

7 Benefits of Deep Breathing and What You Need to Know

This awareness of breathing deeply is the beginning of a larger awareness of Self that is a blue print to what makes you tick.

The practice of slow, deep, intentional breathing is a window to better understand what drives you, what might be behind your actions and may also hold the key to the mystery of life, providing insights to your soul’s purpose.

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A Solution for Stress and What You Need To Do NOW 💆🏻‍♀️

A Solution for Stress and What You Need To Do NOW 💆🏻‍♀️

Stress can make us react, rather than respond to situations, people, places and things.

Reaction might cause us to snap, snap, and attack (even when we don’t mean to!). We all can become growly bears when we feel depleted right?

With story and insights, I share with you the SDB Method (TM) - Stop. Drop. and Breath Stress Response Method (TM) to help you come back to center.

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6 Fearless Steps to Move From Grief to Growth and What You Need to Know

6 Fearless Steps to Move From Grief to Growth and What You Need to Know

Transitions and Every Day Grief:  Instead of the monumental grief associated with the death of a loved one (of someONE), I want to address the subtle everyday grief, associated with the passing of a part of us that is no longer (of someTHING).

Everyday grief is what I would call “process grief.”

Process grief is the necessary process of letting go of people, places and things that once served us well.  Yet, no longer serve us now. 

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5 Ways To Spring Clean That Will Make You Simplify Your Life You Need to Know

5 Ways To Spring Clean That Will Make You Simplify Your Life You Need to Know

Spring cleaning, love it or loathe it, is a good way to clear your mind, simplify your life and increase your productivity levels. I’ll admit, cleaning never sounds like the most exciting activity; however, it can be incredibly satisfying once completed. 

Check out these 5 ways to declutter and how spring cleaning can have a dramatic impact on your health and wellbeing. Decluttering your surroundings enables the mind to be decluttered all at once.

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H.A.L.T. :: 4 Signs to STOP for Self-Care and How to Refuel You Need to Know

H.A.L.T. :: 4 Signs to STOP for Self-Care and How to Refuel You Need to Know

H.A.L.T. :: Hungry . Angry . Lonely . Tired .

Just as a car needs fuel to run, so too, do the trinity of our body, mind, and spirit. We must make sure we are not running on empty.

When we feel drained, it is time to stop and refuel. To avoid breakdown and disaster, we can remember to stop and take care of ourselves.  A great way to remember to yield - to STOP for self-care is to remember the word and acronym: HALT.

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7 Powerful Practices of Courage You Need To Master On The Journey Home To Yourself

7 Powerful Practices of Courage You Need To Master On The Journey Home To Yourself

Home is where our heart is. In the journey home to the heart, we have ample opportunities to recognize the Truth of Our Being so that we can honor the authenticity of our soul's path, and who we’ve come to be.

Mastering these 7 powerful practices of courage requires commitment, consistency and even charisma!  May this practice, along with insightful questions, lead you home to a greater awareness of your purpose and calling in life.

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5 Positive Reasons To Reclaim Your Personal Power You Need To Know

5 Positive Reasons To Reclaim Your Personal Power You Need To Know

From where, or from whom, do you source your power?  

True to the words, I define personal power as something deeply personal:  Personal power is my own ability to influence, sway, relate to and utilize the power that courses through me, as me, within me to run my life in a way that empowers my living. 

These 5 Guardrails to Happiness (TM) had helped me safeguard and reclaim my personal power, and I believe that with practice, you too can reclaim your happy too!   

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The Truth About Valentine's Day and the Greatest Love

The Truth About Valentine's Day and the Greatest Love

As Valentines Day approaches this year, I’ve been thinking about the value of this holiday. Negative perspectives have been springing up around our electronic consciousness (aka social media outlets) about this “sweet as a toothache” holiday.  

These current rattlings in the world have inspired me to think deeper about the idea of Love and to invite my single friends to transform the negative stigma of Valentine’s Day for those uninvolved in romantic relationships....

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11 Questions That Will Inspire You as a Blogger

11 Questions That Will Inspire You as a Blogger

These 11 questions were asked of me, and have inspired me to renew my commitment to my craft.  In turn, I've got 11 original questions for you to (re)ignite your passion for getting out there and speaking your Truth. 

A big Mahalo (Thank you in Hawaiian) to fellow island girl and heart-centered blogger, Tachi Wilshire for recognizing me and nominating me for the Sunshine Blogger Award.  This award allows the blogging community to support, promote and encourage one another, connecting us to our common bond: writing in the digital media space.   For this privilege, I am honored, and humbled.  Please visit these fabulous blogs on my list of nominations.  They are AMAZING!!

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The Nasty Reptile: How Aggression Lives in You and What You Need to Know

The Nasty Reptile: How Aggression Lives in You and What You Need to Know

Many of us act instinctively and may not even be aware that we're not in control of our reactions.

The irritation we feel may turn into agitation and then we become aggregated.  Rather than reacting with agitation, irritation or even aggression, we might stop to take a breath, and tame that crazy reptile within!  

Included in this article are the four steps to Taming Your Inner Reptile.

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Come Home to Worth

Come Home to Worth

Success is a result of hard work.  But, success is not me.  It is no different than saying failure is not me.

What we do or not do does NOT determine our worth.

We are inherently worthy just as we come.

Coming home to ourself is a single conscious moment of awareness of where we are and what we are simply is.  Rather than human doings, we live as human beings.

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8 Reasons to Respond With Thanks EVEN WHEN You Feel Ungrateful

8 Reasons to Respond With Thanks EVEN WHEN You Feel Ungrateful

“Saying thank you as a spiritual practice does NOT mean “thanks for nothing” or as a comedic brush-off like the familiar American saying, “thank you, ma’am, may I have another.” Responding with Thank You is a way of honoring The Gift of the moment itself.”

Being grateful is not about the other.  When we shift our perspective from victim to victor, we a live a life of awe - and bonafide miracles unfold before us.  Gratitude allows us to accept, to release and to move on.

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Possibility for Today

Possibility for Today

Today is the 1st day of 2018.  The 526,600 minutes of the year is filled with ample opportunities to create the life you want. 

The saying, “Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!” may seem more applicable today than any.  Join me today (and this brand new year!) to reset, to get centered and clear on what’s yours to do.

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Perfection of the Imperfect

The Perfection in the Imperfect: the gift of possibility and become open to the positive unfolding of our sweet, sweet life.

We recently attended a holiday performance of a dance group my son was part of.
There were a total of 20 10-year-olds on stage. They were pensive, shy and modest.  Having only rehearsed for a few weeks, all was new to them.

The insecurity was palpable as they looked at (looked for?) one another before, during and after they completed their routine.

There were arms and legs everywhere as these children pranced across the stage.  They giggled nervously when they dropped their props, but went right back to doing their thing. 

At one point, the routine required 2 groups of children, on opposite sides of the stage to skip and glide (bounce?) sideways, arms in the air, crossing one another.

I was just glad no one crashed into each other!

These brave children, bless them, did their best to mimic what their teacher was trying to teach.  But, I would not say they were ready to officially audition to be an opening act to any show.

Clearly, this was more of a family style get together “show” for the parents, than an audience-ready polished routine for Broadway.

Despite how it turned out, all the parents (and I mean every single one) were ultra proud of their children.

The performers received standing ovations and even whistles from the crowd. 

After leaving the performance, I reflected on my very different dance training experience when I was a child. I was trained rather stringently.  Performing, for me, was all about perfection.

Yet, as I am now older, and have had this very loving experience of watching this performance, I come full circle.  

I am seeing the perfection in the imperfect.

I have learned so much from watching the courage of these children.  This performance experience for my child, and others, was clearly not about getting everything exact. 

Among my lessons were: allowing, accepting and being present to what is.

Perfection is not about being perfect.

Sure, they were not at all what I would consider performance ready, but they went on anyway.  
They had fun, and enjoyed themselves even despite the imperfection of their routine.  They didn’t let insecurity stop them.  They embraced their fears and mistakes, nonetheless.
And the crowd absolutely loved it, and loved them, even more.  

How supported they must feel to have that kind of backing!

Despite their imperfection, the performance was perfect, just as it was.  

The moment was perfect as dotting parents watched their kid do their thing with heart, and joy, and big bright smiles.

Imperfection is perfect because it leads me from where I am now to where I am next.  Imperfection is the process of my becoming. 

The lesson here, I have come to realize, is that I need to learn from these magnificent kids and embrace my process of being also.  

There is perfection in everything we do in life because we are always in process. 

And rather than expecting my living to look a certain way, I shall live more presence, and thus, more life, into the experience of being alive.

Releasing my attachments to perfection, and letting go of judgement for how it “should” be or “should” look, I realize how we, human beings as works progress, often mistakenly label moments in our life, rather than being present and awake to the sacred process that is happening through us: life.

We are in process of being.  We are being, regardless of what we may be doing in every moment.  In every moment of our lives, we are being human.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman

Our labels, for example:

  • “Good days vs bad days”
  • “We had a great time...”
  • “It was a terrible experience...”

Each of these proclamations lead us to judge our experiences.  From there, we live out what we claim, and our subsequent experiences are clouded by good and bad.

No longer do we stay present to possibility, we’ve doomed ourselves to the decision we have already made about whether we will enjoy the experience, or not.

When we stop to really look at each moment in our lives, we will realize that whatever is at the moment, is perfect.

It is perfect because we are in process, progressing to evolve our beingness in every moment.

When we step back and get over ourselves (release our attachments, expectations and judgements) we can then learn to be with what is, seeing the perfection in every moment of life.  

In doing so, we allow ourselves the gift of possibility and become open to the positive unfolding of our sweet, sweet life.  

How (in what ways) do you see perfection in what might seem imperfect in your life? 

On Listening...

If we are to be divinely guided in our lives, we must be listening.
— Linda Curry
We Must be Listening in order to hear.  Guest Post Linda Curry - Path of Presence

Guest Post by Linda Curry, True Balance Wellness

If we are to be divinely guided in our lives, we must be listening. But how can we ensure we are truly listening?

In our productive lives, listening is not always a walk in the park. After seeing documentary “Walk With Me: A Journey Into Mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hanh,” I was reminded the importance of slow, deliberate movement.

I can still see Thich Nhat Hanh leading his followers through the forest as if in slow motion. Each step onto the earth appeared deliberate and conscious. I sat in the theater able to feel his foot touch the earth crunching the dried leaves, and I could hear each bird and insect coming through.

The clouds drifted as in slow motion as my mind was moving at the same speed. Everything slowed down around me as I became still inside.

When in this state of consciousness and deliberate movement, it is much easier to listen, observe, feel. When present, the guidance is loud and clear. The guidance is exactly what you are conscious to. The foot touching the earth, the birds and insects communicating, the clouds drifting – that is your guidance. Just being present to what is, is the guidance we are invited to follow.

I know most probably hope for divine intervention that catapults you to make a clear business decision that will ramp your revenue 200% in the next month. But that is not what this journey is about.

Being present and conscious of life is what life is.

Whatever happens from there is perfection, on-point, purposeful. Being fully present with each step, word, glance, and pen stroke is all that is asked of us.

The rest will fall into place, into formation for your spiritual journey.

In what ways do YOU practice (or might you practice) deep listening? 

Practice Gratefulness

Gratitude opens the heart to possibility and the eye to see the good.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Practice Gratefulness Quote by Dalai Lama on Path of Presence with Evelyn Foreman

The definition of respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

When we are grateful, we cultivate conditions to open our heart to possibility, and our eyes to good.

To be grateful is to expand our energy, releasing us from a position of defensiveness (one that is guarded with suspicion), to a an open, expansive welcoming, embrace of anyone with whom we might feel in opposition.

In practicing gratefulness, we surrender belligerence and the need to be right.  Rather, we decidedly take a stand in awe, and we intentional marvel at the possibility before us.

It is in times when we feel the least grateful, when we catch ourselves complaining, whining, blaming or shaming, that we need most this practice. 

Let the practice of gratitude, and open-hearted appreciation be the path home to your sacred, most noble self.

What might you find difficult to give thanks for?  How might you start shifting your awareness of the good that can come out it?  Please share as it speaks to you. <3

The World is Loud - Divine Wisdom is Soft

Life is so much brighter when we focus what truly matters.
— Rev. Douglas Duerr
Daily Inspiration - The World is LOUD - Divine Wisdom is Soft - Rev Douglas Duerr - Path of Presence

Guest Post by Rev. Douglas Duerr

Sometimes we may need to step aside, move away from the noise and listen.

When we take a moment (or ten) to do this, we find a new strength to emit big love into the universe rather than absorbing the loud voices of separation.

Are you listening to your hearts call ... or quickly waiting to speak? 

It’s all about the questions within, filled with a sincerity of our heart and the ability to receive the answer.  It often comes in a gentle whisper.

Today's Affirmation: "The radiance of life reflects love when we pause to truly listen to who we are - Love."


What wisdom speaks softly to you thats is the ONE THING tugging at your heart?

The Real Gift of Gratitude

The inherent gift of gratitude is the presence of mind, body, soul, spirit and being to mindfully live life with relentless embrace.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman, M. Div.
RealGift of Gratitude-PIN.png

Gratitude is a common word.  It is a value many hold dear.

"What is it about gratitude that is so appealing?" You might wonder. 

Let's be straight:  sometimes, with the ground beneath us crumbles, and our heart breaks in a million thousand pieces, and it seems one unfortunate event happens to another, gratitude might be the last thing that sits at the tip of your tongue.

Yet, the instruction for practice is to give thanks anyway.  Not only to say thank you but to cultivate the feeling of thanks - to give thanks for nothing in return.

It takes a strong soul to give thanks for nothing in return.  It requires a noble heart, and willing participant to be present to nothingness.  Can you be this person?

When we give thanks, we become present in life.  When we are present (rather than absent-minded) we are living each moment of our lives fully.

The real gift is not whether you will get something in return when you give thanks.  The inherent gift of gratitude is the presence of mind, body, soul, spirit and being to mindfully live life with a relentless embrace.

What one thing might you give thanks for today to be present to your beautiful, poetic, precious life?  Please share as you are called. <3

Experience Life

All of life sings; see me, dance with me, I’m here.
— Rev. Douglas Duerr
Motivational Mindful Monday - Experience Life Path of Presence Rev Douglas Duerr

Guest Post by Rev. Douglas Duerr

Embrace the Season!  A new season of beauty and wonder is exploding in expression through the symphony played out in her leaves - the crisp air dances to the autumn song as the trees begin to blush against the oh so charming blue sky.


What have you noticed in this season of change and how do you practice the courage to embrace it?  Please share as you are called. <3

Today, I am Grateful

Daily Inspiration - Today, I am Grateful - Path of Presence with Evelyn Foreman

Declaring, "Today, I am grateful" is the way to begin any day, every day.

What would happen if everyone on Earth should start the day declaring that they are grateful?

A day at a time, a moment at a time, be grateful.

As Westerners, we live our lives in such abundance, and with so much convenience that we may not fully appreciate it all.  Just the sheer fact that we have food in the frig, clothes that keep us warm, and transportation when we need it is amazing. 

Even if the need is not material, many of us have someone to call 'friend.'  We are surrounded by technology; even reading this post is amazing.  We forget sometimes, the fortunate lives we live.

We can call each other on wireless devices called our mobile phones.  We can see each other despite being on the other side of the globe.  We have access to food, entertainment, and simply luxuries like gourmet coffee.  

Have you stopped today to count your blessings?

Join me in finishing the following sentence, "Today, I am grateful for the following 3 things..."