The Presence of Friends 

On our path, we are never alone.  

Friends are souls who resonate deeply with our own understanding of life, reflecting the bright and beautiful truth of our being.  The following are friends and collaborators who practice, teach, lovingly speak out and dare to share about life.  

We hope that their courage and contributions on Path of Presence continue to support, motivate and inspire you to live an integrated, heart-centered, spirit-guided and vision-led Life!

These are authors, bloggers, teachers, ministers, moms, entrepreneurs, love bugs and wise spiritual beings living a human experience - they are our friends who we may have yet to meet- yet!!   In spite of any human limitations, they share the energy of heart, with an undertone of love and possibility!

We are grateful to these beings who have answered the call, and welcome all with BIG Love and Aloha.


Intentional, Creative Beings and Friends, with great privilege, in alpha order...


Guest Post  Linda Curry - True Balance Wellness - Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

Linda Curry

Author, speaker, and teacher, Linda Curry inspires wholeness bringing empowerment and well-being to those willing to learn. 

Linda’s motto, "Attaining health one bite at a time,” is achieved through simplifying health and growth strategies through wisdom, compassion, acceptance and practicality.

To learn more about Linda, visit True Balance Wellness


Reverend Douglas Duerr

Reverend Douglas Duerr is a Unity minister, and the Ministry Leadership Coordinator for Unity Worldwide Ministries.  He is also a faculty member with Unity Worldwide Spiritual Institute and has served in Leadership, Education and Pastoral Care with Unity Houston and Unity Bay Area Houston.  He is a Texas native and resides in Houston. 

His call to serve is his daily bread and comes to life through contemplation, teaching and facilitating principle based talks, trainings and classes. With humor and compassion, Rev. Doug is a master storyteller weaving life examples to Spiritual principles. Rev. Doug honors the diversity and genius in all of creation. He has found life affirming expressions as a ballroom dancer, author, life coach, yoga teacher, and grief facilitator. His most cherished call of service is enriched by his family and his service in ministry.