Lifestyle & Longevity [Podcast, Unity Online Radio]

Lifestyle & Longevity with Linda J Current - 4 Minute Miracle Series - The Call of Spirit - Reverend Evelyn Foreman :: Path of Presence

Show Airs on Fridays at 9am Central (7am Pacific and 10am Eastern).

Debuts:  March 23, 2018

Changes in lifestyle don’t simply come from the inside out.  What we feed our amazing bodies make a difference! 

Join Reverend Evelyn ( and author, teacher and speaker Linda J. Curry in sacred conversation about how to create lasting sustainable change to support health, vitality, and longevity.  

The 4 Minute Miracle Series, by Linda J Curry will debut in Spring 2018 on

They talk about willpower, proactive decisions and ways to sustain presence and positive habits.  A short meditation practice is available at the end of our program to reinvigorate you for the day.

"Lifestyle and Longevity" With Reverend Evelyn Foreman and Linda J. Curry