Come Home to Worth

Affirmation: I am inherently worthy just as I am.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Come Home to Worth - Affirmation:  I am inherently worthy just as I am.

I marvel at the path of growth that I have experienced in the past year.

No matter the topic, be it formal schooling, parenting, blogging, business, or navigating social media, it seems that the pattern of growth remains the same.

Growth & Self Recognition

In every instance, desire, the knock on my heart, is the call itself.  What-so-ever the why my passion ignites with the thoughts of possibility.  I begin to calendar, plan, strategize and prepare.

I am well aware that I lean heavily toward ambition. Doing well is the only possibility if I engage in something, right?  Afterall, I would not start anything that I am not committed to.

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It's Good to Do Well!

My positivity and propensity for unbridled success push my determination forward.  I am in love with learning - the idea of expanding my mind, my skill and my heart fuels me at my very core.  The results of hard work shows itself and I am gratified, 

The pay off is big: I feel important, competent, capable! Many times, my humanity pushes me beyond my limits.

Like a child in a candy store, I want everything I see.  The idea that I can do it all, and have it all overcomes me, and quite frankly, like anyone who is building anything, I get caught up.

I get caught up in the fun, the enthusiasm, and the success (and sometimes, drama) that comes with learning and building, and succeeding!

It is in times like this, even when I feel the exhilaration of sweet success, that I remind myself - it, too, is not me.

Success is a result of hard work.  But, success is not me.  It is no different than saying failure is not me.

What I do or not do does NOT determine my worth.

I am inherently worthy just as I am.

I am not more worthy because I have succeeded through sacrifice, commitment, and mental capacity.  My existence is not less worthy if I should falter.

Those who have succeeded so do at a cost.  This cost is balanced with a payoff.  For some, the cost may be time spent with children, or success might be at the expense of a relationship (intimate or otherwise).  What is your success subconsciously creating in mind? 

Many may not be aware that the sub-routine we may be running is simply a sense of "I do, therefore, I am worthy.  When I stop doing, my worth diminishes."

In your quiet time, think about that.

Many times, when I cease activity, I feel guilty - many of us do!  How about you? Do you feel guilty when you stop before you think you are at a place where you CAN stop?   It is a side-effect of being a westerner.

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When I am filled to my eyeballs with tasks that MUST be completed; When I feel the strain and stress of meeting deadlines and my schedule overflowing with items "to do," and I feel the pressure to COMPLETE, I remember to STOP.

So, I Stop.

I simply stop and affirm, "I am inherently worthy just as I am."

When was the last time you acknowledged your own worth? 

Won't you stop reading just for a couple seconds to affirm:   "I am inherently worthy just as I am."

Let that synchronize into your heart:  "I am inherently worthy just as I am."

You may feel a slight tenderness in your heart.  You may brush it off.  Your heart might be a bit confused to be seen in such a way.  You might be confused, or hurt, or angry that I have suggested this.

But, give it a chance.  Recognizing, acknowledging and affirming your worth may just be the strength of Love needed to remind you or your beautiful, sacred heart.

You see, I promised myself a long time ago to never straggle too far from my heart.  Getting all caught up, stressed out and frantic means that I am no longer at peace.  And I had already determined that my heart space is a refuge for my soul/

When I am feeling imbalanced and stressed, I become a human doer rather than what I truly am:  a human being.

In times like that, I stop.  


I drop.

I breathe.

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Waking Up (Again & Again)

Coming home to myself is a single conscious moment of awareness of where am I, what I am doing and what my state of mind is.

In the moment of breath, I am once again, activated, and reminded that in all that is to do, I must also remember to BE.

What about you?  A which point do you realize that you may have gone overboard with doing, and not enough being?  Is it hard to sit still? Is your mind always ticking 24/7?  How do you come home to yourself and your heart?


Instructions for a Radical, Transformative Practice of Coming Home to Yourself.

They say the eyes are the windows to your soul. 

  1. For a few minutes each day, find space where you will be undisturbed. 
  2. Stand in front of the mirror in your bathroom, or dresser.  Or simply, hold up a hand mirror, large enough to see your beautiful face. 
  3. Take three long deep breathes.  As you do so, be present to the soul before you. 
  4. Slowly, as you are complete, look yourself in the eye. 
  5. Take a breath, and affirm slowly, looking yourself in the eye: "I am inherently worthy just as I am." 
  6. Breathe it in.  Feel it.  Let that sync in on a deeper level. 
  7. Do this slowly another 3 - 5 more times. 
  8. Use this practice, 5 minutes a day, once in the morning and once before you sleep.  Let it do its work in, though and as you.  You may feel like a liar in the beginning.  Keep at it. 
  9. Do this for 21 days, and see what happens! 

As you called, share your results with us (or with me private)

8 Reasons to Respond With Thanks EVEN WHEN You Feel Ungrateful

Saying thank you as a spiritual practice does NOT mean “thanks for nothing” or as a comedic brush-off like the familiar American saying, “thank you, ma’am, may I have another.” Responding with Thank You is a way of honoring The Gift of the moment itself.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Inspiration for your PRACTICE OF GRATITUDE: Respond with gratitude even if you feel ungrateful

Did someone just cut you off in traffic causing you to miss your turn?

Say “Thank You!”

Was someone rude to you at the grocery line for no reason at all?

Say “Thank You!”

Did you just miss the train by a hair?

Say “Thank You!”

If you’ve ever come to a situation that you’d rather not be in, and have an impulse to throw darts (even if it’s just in your head), know that it is a perfect and opportune time to open yourself up to a practice of giving thanks.

Everyone experiences frustration, irritation, and even mild anger when provoked.  In times when you may want to cuss and curse, rather than responding with reaction, try something radically kind, and exceptionally different:  respond with ‘Thank You.’

It sounds crazy, but the practice of saying Thank You is really an ingenious way of shifting your own energy from incoherent to coherent.  Rather than letting a small instance in your day ruin the entire day, you are practicing your own personal power to shift a situation where you are victim to one of great empowerment.

Thank You as Martial Art

Instead of being at the whim of your emotions when triggered, you can choose to use gratitude as emotional Aikido.  Saying ‘Thank you” when we are emotionally triggered is a practice that can counteract negative reactions and impulses, arising from the need to defend.

Aikido is a Japanese martial art form with techniques that include redirecting an opponent’s attack momentum while also protecting them from injury.

When translated, the term Aikido is often recognized as "the way of unifying (with) life energy" or as "the way of harmonious spirit".

Saying thank you as a spiritual practice does NOT mean “thanks for nothing” or as a comedic brush-off like the familiar American saying, “thank you, ma’am, may I have another.” Responding with "thank You' is a way of honoring The Gift of the moment itself.

Below are eight (8) reasons to give thanks even when (especially when)  you feel ungrateful.  

1. Deepening Spiritual Maturity

Saying ‘Thank You’ and really meaning it can deepen emotional maturity and build a lifelong foundation of compassion, for yourself and others.

All it takes is a quiet and sincere ‘thank you,’ whispered from our heart. It need not be aloud, so long as it is genuinely from the heart.  

2. Freedom

The practice of gratitude, like forgiveness, is not about the other that may be before us.  To forgive another, especially when there is no reason to, for example, frees us from our own prison of resentment and hostility. 

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3. Generosity

Living with a truly grateful heart is about generosity.  It frees us from any attachments of any return what-so-ever, releasing us from the scarcity mentality of 'tit for tat.'

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4. Living Faith

Saying thank you, meaning it, and moving on is a practice of living faith.  It frees you from being the general manager of the universe, releasing you from the need to punish others or correct another’s behavior.

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5. Grace

Saying thank you is a practice of grace and a practice of true surrender.  It is a faith beyond logic and leads right to a peace that surpasses understanding. 

In essence, you are allowing the powers that be (insert your word here for God, the universe, fairies, or otherwise) to take care of any backlash or karmic energy that needs to be paid or repaid.

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The trick to saying thank you is not to be felicitous.  It is to mean it when you say it, whole-heartedly.

6. Against the Grain

How does one go about saying thank you when one is in the throes of feeling deeply insulted, angry, irked by other?

Simply consider that whatever showed up is a cosmic way of either helping you grow or directing you to your truest, best noble self.

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7. Practice Will Help Us Immeasurably

We tend to attract situations and circumstances that we need, but not necessarily want, to help us grow in areas where we may be lacking. 

These life lessons are tailored and specific.  It is our own energy that calls up the situation and highlights it as we go in our path.

If a situation has no energy for us, there wouldn’t no trigger that sets us off, and therefore, nothing new to learn.

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8. A Gift...!

Yup, in this perspective, you truly owe that irritating person down the hall that you can’t stand a sincere ‘thank you.’

They have something to teach you:  a gift and life lesson about yourself, maybe even how you can rise above the emotional trigger of irritation, transform it and harmonizing it do it integrates into the goodness of your being.

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Being grateful is not about the other.  Being grateful, life forgiving is about being right with ourselves and our universe.  When we are able to. shift our perspective from victim to victor, we a live a life of awe - and bonafide miracles, unfolding before us because we are able to accept, to release and to move on.

I leave you lastly with a three words to ponder:   "War begets war."

What do you think? 

Have you ever opened yourself to this radically, totally unreasonable practice of gratitude? 

What comes up for you from reading this post, either about radical thanksgiving, or the three words I've left as a closing?

If you have tried this practice before, please share your insights. 

If you have not engaged in gratitude in this way, you are invited to give it a try!  

Instructions for a radical, transformative practice of gratitude.

Find a quiet space where you will be undisturbed for at least 10 minutes.  Breathing into your heart, recall a situation where you felt really ungrateful - perhaps a circumstance where you felt your heart tighten. Simply breath into the sensation, and visualize your heart softening as you reclaim, with your breath, your dignity, yourself and your tenderness.  What do you see?  Do you recognize your vulnerability? Humanity? Pain? Wounding?  As you recognize what hurt the pain that may have brought to light, give thanks, simply for the awareness of what has come up.  This awareness of your gift.  Knowing this is a clue - it is the sacred path to healing, and to coming home to yourself. Namaste.


Possibility for Today

Affirmation for January 1st: Today is full of possibility, and so am I.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Today is full of possibility and so am I - Reverend Evelyn Foreman,

Happy New Year, everyone!!  

Today is the 1st day of 2018.  The 526,600 minutes of the year are filled with ample opportunities to create the life you want. 

The saying, “Today is the beginning of the rest of your life!” may seem more applicable today than any.

Amid the celebration, it is a great time to see anew, beyond what’s on the surface; to hear deeply, to what our hearts are saying; and to take guided action to restart, reset and re-align.  

It is a great time to look beyond what’s on the surface and dig deeper to see everything with new eyes - everything before us: full of possibility.

January 1st, 2018:  This particular day of this particular year synchronizes on the 1st as a Monday.  

Join me today (and this brand new year!) to reset, to get centered and clear on what’s yours to do.

Finish the following sentence:  “Today is the beginning of the rest of my life, and Just for today, I resolve to...”


What is your heart calling for this year? What possibility awaits to begin again? What are you excited about in the newness of today? 

Perfection of the Imperfect

The Perfection in the Imperfect: the gift of possibility and become open to the positive unfolding of our sweet, sweet life.

We recently attended a holiday performance of a dance group my son was part of.
There were a total of 20 10-year-olds on stage. They were pensive, shy and modest.  Having only rehearsed for a few weeks, all was new to them.

The insecurity was palpable as they looked at (looked for?) one another before, during and after they completed their routine.

There were arms and legs everywhere as these children pranced across the stage.  They giggled nervously when they dropped their props, but went right back to doing their thing. 

At one point, the routine required 2 groups of children, on opposite sides of the stage to skip and glide (bounce?) sideways, arms in the air, crossing one another.

I was just glad no one crashed into each other!

These brave children, bless them, did their best to mimic what their teacher was trying to teach.  But, I would not say they were ready to officially audition to be an opening act to any show.

Clearly, this was more of a family style get together “show” for the parents, than an audience-ready polished routine for Broadway.

Despite how it turned out, all the parents (and I mean every single one) were ultra proud of their children.

The performers received standing ovations and even whistles from the crowd. 

After leaving the performance, I reflected on my very different dance training experience when I was a child. I was trained rather stringently.  Performing, for me, was all about perfection.

Yet, as I am now older, and have had this very loving experience of watching this performance, I come full circle.  

I am seeing the perfection in the imperfect.

I have learned so much from watching the courage of these children.  This performance experience for my child, and others, was clearly not about getting everything exact. 

Among my lessons were: allowing, accepting and being present to what is.

Perfection is not about being perfect.

Sure, they were not at all what I would consider performance ready, but they went on anyway.  
They had fun, and enjoyed themselves even despite the imperfection of their routine.  They didn’t let insecurity stop them.  They embraced their fears and mistakes, nonetheless.
And the crowd absolutely loved it, and loved them, even more.  

How supported they must feel to have that kind of backing!

Despite their imperfection, the performance was perfect, just as it was.  

The moment was perfect as dotting parents watched their kid do their thing with heart, and joy, and big bright smiles.

Imperfection is perfect because it leads me from where I am now to where I am next.  Imperfection is the process of my becoming. 

The lesson here, I have come to realize, is that I need to learn from these magnificent kids and embrace my process of being also.  

There is perfection in everything we do in life because we are always in process. 

And rather than expecting my living to look a certain way, I shall live more presence, and thus, more life, into the experience of being alive.

Releasing my attachments to perfection, and letting go of judgement for how it “should” be or “should” look, I realize how we, human beings as works progress, often mistakenly label moments in our life, rather than being present and awake to the sacred process that is happening through us: life.

We are in process of being.  We are being, regardless of what we may be doing in every moment.  In every moment of our lives, we are being human.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman

Our labels, for example:

  • “Good days vs bad days”
  • “We had a great time...”
  • “It was a terrible experience...”

Each of these proclamations lead us to judge our experiences.  From there, we live out what we claim, and our subsequent experiences are clouded by good and bad.

No longer do we stay present to possibility, we’ve doomed ourselves to the decision we have already made about whether we will enjoy the experience, or not.

When we stop to really look at each moment in our lives, we will realize that whatever is at the moment, is perfect.

It is perfect because we are in process, progressing to evolve our beingness in every moment.

When we step back and get over ourselves (release our attachments, expectations and judgements) we can then learn to be with what is, seeing the perfection in every moment of life.  

In doing so, we allow ourselves the gift of possibility and become open to the positive unfolding of our sweet, sweet life.  

How (in what ways) do you see perfection in what might seem imperfect in your life? 

On Listening...

If we are to be divinely guided in our lives, we must be listening.
— Linda Curry
We Must be Listening in order to hear.  Guest Post Linda Curry - Path of Presence

Guest Post by Linda Curry, True Balance Wellness

If we are to be divinely guided in our lives, we must be listening. But how can we ensure we are truly listening?

In our productive lives, listening is not always a walk in the park. After seeing documentary “Walk With Me: A Journey Into Mindfulness with Thich Nhat Hanh,” I was reminded the importance of slow, deliberate movement.

I can still see Thich Nhat Hanh leading his followers through the forest as if in slow motion. Each step onto the earth appeared deliberate and conscious. I sat in the theater able to feel his foot touch the earth crunching the dried leaves, and I could hear each bird and insect coming through.

The clouds drifted as in slow motion as my mind was moving at the same speed. Everything slowed down around me as I became still inside.

When in this state of consciousness and deliberate movement, it is much easier to listen, observe, feel. When present, the guidance is loud and clear. The guidance is exactly what you are conscious to. The foot touching the earth, the birds and insects communicating, the clouds drifting – that is your guidance. Just being present to what is, is the guidance we are invited to follow.

I know most probably hope for divine intervention that catapults you to make a clear business decision that will ramp your revenue 200% in the next month. But that is not what this journey is about.

Being present and conscious of life is what life is.

Whatever happens from there is perfection, on-point, purposeful. Being fully present with each step, word, glance, and pen stroke is all that is asked of us.

The rest will fall into place, into formation for your spiritual journey.

In what ways do YOU practice (or might you practice) deep listening? 

Practice Gratefulness

Gratitude opens the heart to possibility and the eye to see the good.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman
Practice Gratefulness Quote by Dalai Lama on Path of Presence with Evelyn Foreman

The definition of respect is a feeling of deep admiration for someone or something elicited by their abilities, qualities, or achievements.

When we are grateful, we cultivate conditions to open our heart to possibility, and our eyes to good.

To be grateful is to expand our energy, releasing us from a position of defensiveness (one that is guarded with suspicion), to a an open, expansive welcoming, embrace of anyone with whom we might feel in opposition.

In practicing gratefulness, we surrender belligerence and the need to be right.  Rather, we decidedly take a stand in awe, and we intentional marvel at the possibility before us.

It is in times when we feel the least grateful, when we catch ourselves complaining, whining, blaming or shaming, that we need most this practice. 

Let the practice of gratitude, and open-hearted appreciation be the path home to your sacred, most noble self.

What might you find difficult to give thanks for?  How might you start shifting your awareness of the good that can come out it?  Please share as it speaks to you. <3

The World is Loud - Divine Wisdom is Soft

Life is so much brighter when we focus what truly matters.
— Rev. Douglas Duerr
Daily Inspiration - The World is LOUD - Divine Wisdom is Soft - Rev Douglas Duerr - Path of Presence

Guest Post by Rev. Douglas Duerr

Sometimes we may need to step aside, move away from the noise and listen.

When we take a moment (or ten) to do this, we find a new strength to emit big love into the universe rather than absorbing the loud voices of separation.

Are you listening to your hearts call ... or quickly waiting to speak? 

It’s all about the questions within, filled with a sincerity of our heart and the ability to receive the answer.  It often comes in a gentle whisper.

Today's Affirmation: "The radiance of life reflects love when we pause to truly listen to who we are - Love."


What wisdom speaks softly to you thats is the ONE THING tugging at your heart?

The Real Gift of Gratitude

The inherent gift of gratitude is the presence of mind, body, soul, spirit and being to mindfully live life with relentless embrace.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman, M. Div.
RealGift of Gratitude-PIN.png

Gratitude is a common word.  It is a value many hold dear.

"What is it about gratitude that is so appealing?" You might wonder. 

Let's be straight:  sometimes, with the ground beneath us crumbles, and our heart breaks in a million thousand pieces, and it seems one unfortunate event happens to another, gratitude might be the last thing that sits at the tip of your tongue.

Yet, the instruction for practice is to give thanks anyway.  Not only to say thank you but to cultivate the feeling of thanks - to give thanks for nothing in return.

It takes a strong soul to give thanks for nothing in return.  It requires a noble heart, and willing participant to be present to nothingness.  Can you be this person?

When we give thanks, we become present in life.  When we are present (rather than absent-minded) we are living each moment of our lives fully.

The real gift is not whether you will get something in return when you give thanks.  The inherent gift of gratitude is the presence of mind, body, soul, spirit and being to mindfully live life with a relentless embrace.

What one thing might you give thanks for today to be present to your beautiful, poetic, precious life?  Please share as you are called. <3

Experience Life

All of life sings; see me, dance with me, I’m here.
— Rev. Douglas Duerr
Motivational Mindful Monday - Experience Life Path of Presence Rev Douglas Duerr

Guest Post by Rev. Douglas Duerr

Embrace the Season!  A new season of beauty and wonder is exploding in expression through the symphony played out in her leaves - the crisp air dances to the autumn song as the trees begin to blush against the oh so charming blue sky.


What have you noticed in this season of change and how do you practice the courage to embrace it?  Please share as you are called. <3

Today, I am Grateful

Daily Inspiration - Today, I am Grateful - Path of Presence with Evelyn Foreman

Declaring, "Today, I am grateful" is the way to begin any day, every day.

What would happen if everyone on Earth should start the day declaring that they are grateful?

A day at a time, a moment at a time, be grateful.

As Westerners, we live our lives in such abundance, and with so much convenience that we may not fully appreciate it all.  Just the sheer fact that we have food in the frig, clothes that keep us warm, and transportation when we need it is amazing. 

Even if the need is not material, many of us have someone to call 'friend.'  We are surrounded by technology; even reading this post is amazing.  We forget sometimes, the fortunate lives we live.

We can call each other on wireless devices called our mobile phones.  We can see each other despite being on the other side of the globe.  We have access to food, entertainment, and simply luxuries like gourmet coffee.  

Have you stopped today to count your blessings?

Join me in finishing the following sentence, "Today, I am grateful for the following 3 things..." 

Create Space

In a world where we value collecting things (people, places, and objects), creating space can be a practice that is against the grain.  And yet, it serves us by freeing us of our attachments.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman, M. Div.
Create Space for Good to Come In - Path of Presence - Business for the Mindful Soul

Space is defined as a continuous area or expanse that is free, available, or unoccupied. 

In your life right now, just as it is, how much space do you have?

Whether you are answering the question from a tangible standpoint ("I've got no space for another piece of furniture in my house") or from an intangible perspective ("I don't have space for another project in my life at the moment"), being mindful of how FULL your life has become is a point of practice.

In a world where we value collecting things (people, places, and objects), creating space can be a practice that is against the grain.  And yet, it serves us by freeing us of our attachments.

If we take a look at our personal computer and its optimal functioning, we may be able to gain a new perspective.  When the computer runs out of space, we automatically delete or move items out of storage so that the machine can perform optimally. 

What happens when we ignore the need to create space on our computers or mobile devices?

It slows down, freezes or simply ceases to work.

In a similar way, when we empty ourselves of burdens, toxins accumulated through life, releasing energies that have latched on to us that no longer serve us, we perform better.

When we release by purging and surrendering all that no longer serves us, we give up the seemingly good to for better.   This is the practice of creating space - to allow the dynamic flow of life to come, stay a while, and release when the visit is complete.

What might you be holding on to that needs to be let go?  What in your life, do you need to create space for?  How might you begin to loosen these attachments to ultimately be free?

Begin Each Day with a Grateful Heart

For me, my day begins the moment of waking consciousness.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman, M. Div.
Begin Each Day With a Grateful Heart | [path of Presence, Reverend Evelyn Foreman

How do you begin each day?  Does your day begin after coffee?  Or do you count the moment you place your feet on the floor as the beginning of the day?

There are days when my eyes are still closed, and I lay in bed, feeling the warmth of my sheets. Still other days, I am awakened by the rustling of my children, whispering to each other at the foot of my bed. 

At the point of waking consciousness, I pray.  My prayers is always the same - everyday, regardless of who wakes me or how I wake.  Whether my eyes are opened or closed, my prayer is the same: thank you.

My gratitude extends from the life I am privileged to live, to the lives on my. path:  my loving family, my dear friends and even those who call me to my best and highest self.  

Everyday, I begin with two little words that comprise of my daily prayer: THANK YOU.

How about you, dear One?  How do you begin your day? <3

Make Yourself a Priority

Make Yourself a Priority // Path of Presence // Self-Worth // Inspiration for Moms and Women // Self-Care

So much of what we do is in the name of service ~ to provide for, to care for, to be in service to another.  In our own way, we contribute to a better world and create the future of planet Earth for our children.

Along the way, I have gathered and learned some sage wisdom.  One of them is to fill my own cup first, before serving another.  This practice is not one of selfishness, it is one of preservation.

One cannot serve from an empty cup, after all.  Giving on an empty cup is a path to burnout and resentment. 

If you feel overworked and scarce, stop.  Name one thing you can do for yourself today that will be nurturing for you, be it a walk, 5 minutes of breath, a pedicure, or just washing your hair!  

Make yourself a priority! YOU ARE WORTH IT!  Take care of YOU ... and take loving action (to practice self-care) today. <3 

What's your favorite self-care activity?  Share it with us as you are called! <3

Gratitude Changes Everything

Gratitude Changes Everything | Path of Presence Evelyn Foreman

In times when all seems stagnant, awry and unwell, remember to give thanks.

Remember:  Gratitude changes everything.

It has been over 6+ years since I lost my baby through a fetal miscarriage.  At the time, my experience of loss was raw, and I was in deep grief.  Life felt like a burden as I dealt with the experience of grief and deep sadness.  

I wondered if I would ever stand amid the light again as I laid in bed, wondering what and how I could have changed things.

Inspirational readings and spiritual know-how did very little to move the energy along. 

One day, in the silence of meditation, it dropped in like a ton of bricks.  Almost as severe as devastating loss, the practice of gratitude entered my consciousness like an Angel, giving hope and new life.

I started to give thanks and with each passing day, I felt slowly excavated from my stagnation and heavy heart.  

As my heart opened, new life began - so much so that we conceived another time.  

Today, this miraculous conceptions my daughter, who is now 4 years old.  One of middle name is Grace.  It is through grace and gratitude that my life has been forever altered.  For this, I give whole-hearted thanks!  

Did you Know that October is Pregnancy Loss Awareness Month?  Be a blessing: Find out more and learn how to help others through this experience.

What one circumstance in your life might you want to change? 

What of gratitude turns it completely around for you?  How might you give thanks (either by deed, action, or affirmation) to activate this change?

Love IS the Bridge

Love is faith, a living practice, and path of possibility.
— Rev. Evelyn Foreman, M. Div.
Love is the Bridge Between You and Everything // Path of Presence // Inspiration for Moms & Women // Reminder of Blessings // Rumi

Love is...

As simple as that. 

I am, Love is.

LOVE: It is the healing, harmonizing, neutralizing energy of the universe.  It is the common denominator that all human beings share.  Rather than race, religion or creed, I believe Love is the human cultural phenomenon that can unite us all.

Love is faith, a living practice, and path of possibility.

What feels as though it is on the other side of a bridge that you'd like to get to?  

What one action item can you accomplish today from a place of LOVE to begin building a bridge?

Turn Your Life Around

If you want to turn your life around, try thankfulness // Path of Presence // Mindful reminders to practice gratitude for women, moms and girlbosses

Whether hiking or life, once in a while, we might find ourselves caught in a place that we'd rather not be.

In the context of hiking, we might step in a mud puddle that we wish we wouldn't have.  In life, it might be a situation or a circumstance that we'd rather not experience.

Rather than to simply wish it away, I realize it does no good for me to struggle, complain or curse, for that matter!  In both instances, it truly helps to adopt a positive frame of mind so that any problem-solving abilities I might possess will come to the surface. 

Because I would personally rather be in a positive mood than a grumpy one, I stay open to how I might turn my mood from foul to free?

Through life transitions, especially those that seem to feel especially difficult, like grief or losses, I have learned to be present to what comes up. 

As I acknowledge where I am, I give thanks, knowing that whatever is unfolding is conspiring for me.

I dare to pour my faith into knowing and feeling grateful that all of life is FOR me.  As I do so, I loosen my attachments to the outcome of whats unfolding, and miracles unfold.

The practice of gratitude, continual thankfulness for whatever is, enables me to turn my life around.  

How and in which way do you practice that creates positive results? Please share as you are called. <3 Namaste

10 to Zen :: Practicing Surrender as a Path of Remembering

10toZen-A Practice of Surrender and Release to Lighten Our Path // Path of Presence // Inspiration for the Mindful Soul

If anyone knows me and my sweet family, they'll know that we are upwardly mobile.  Every couple of years, we are on an adventure, and we live in a new state (body, mind, and spirit), allowing us to renew what we need and release what we do not.

Our philosophy that life is to be lived, embraced and experienced has given us the courage to relocate where we want, anywhere in the world.  This privileged lifestyle has paved way for us to meet amazing people everywhere we have resided, and we love it.

This gives way to clear out not simply the physical items, but also the emotional baggage that may have collected. 

One of the most amazing gifts about moving often is the opportunity to clear out what we no longer need.  

Intentionally releasing the item(s) frees the energy to travel back from wherever it came.  This list is part of our moving list now, and I'm sharing it in case anyone wants to join us in surrendering that which no longer serves ...  Aho!



Drunk ... On Gratitude

Wine for the soul-PIN.png

Who would have guessed that anyone can put the words drunk & gratitude in an inspirational message?  

Rumi was a genius in so many ways, with intoxicating words that lure my spirit into the courageous act of possibility!

No one says the practice of gratitude had to be controlled and tempered. 

Let's take a hint from nature - and change our way of being every so often...let's be grateful.

What would unfold if every ONE of us became totally overtaken and completely grateful for EVERYTHING?

The world would be a marvelous place of appreciation and our life would be an immersion of cherished experiences. 


Happy People & The Inner World

Happy people build their inner world; unhappy people blame the outer world // Path of Presence // Heart Centered Social Media

The power of the mind, coupled with the human spirit, is an incredible duo.  

There are two ways to experience life. 

The former is to look at our outer circumstances and allow our 5 senses to be the driver of our happiness, a measure of success and self-worth.  The latter is to allow our inner life to inform our degree of happiness, the measure of success and self-worth.

We've all heard of the saying: if you believe it to be true, then it's true for you. 

This means that regardless of fact, stats or story, if I believe something to be true, my heart and mind will align to make it so.  The brain, after all, has evolved to support this, even in the so-called objective data of observation. 

Our faith deepens what we will see, regardless of fact.  

I remember the times in my life when I was unhappy.  knowingly or unknowingly, I said yes to blame, shame, criticism, complaint, and judgment.  Just re-reading this post sentence makes me feel icky.  Why would I have chosen that?

Well, for starters, I 'm not sure if the choice was one of conscious awareness.  We all slide up and down the scale of conscious awareness (sometimes, taking many trips a day), don't we?  This is part of our human beingness.

As awakened individuals, our task is to be present to our own "icky."  Regardless of situation or circumstance, when we feel our icky coming on, our job is to be aware of and stay vigilant to our attitude.

We can stop ourselves from the rising negative tide by deliberately focusing on gratitude, and engage ourselves in the practice of counting our blessings.  This simple mindful process can lift the clouds and change the weather, raising awareness the good that surrounds us all.

Choose happiness today! 

Have you undergone such a practice to turn your frown upside down?  Please share the experience with us as you are called. <3 

Life is a Series of Tiny Little Miracles

Life is a series of tiny little miracles :: inspiration for women :: self care for moms :: womanpreneur motivation :: path of presence

Life is a series of tiny little miracles, and when I am present to this, I am profoundly grateful.

Even before conception, the pattern of possibility is imprinted in our DNA.  Each moment, each breath, each millisecond, life is a miracle.  

One miracle, strung together with another, in each moment of our lives, we become who we are, and we realize who we are to be.

What better way to express thanksgiving but to embrace each moment, living fully in alignment with our soul's purpose?

Whether we accept it, or not, each one of us is a miracle, unfolding as an expression of sacred life. Realize this, and be grateful <3.  Namaste.

Pause...take a breath. 

For moment, what are you present to that is profound to you, dear One?