5 Parallels of Social Media And The American Dream You Need To Know

5 Parallels of Social Media And The American Dream You Need To Know | Path of Presence

Social Media & The American Dream

There are many things about social media that enable personal, professional, and financial freedom.

For heart-centered entrepreneurs, digital success is not just about sales, but also about community and freedom to live the life of your dreams!

Social media and blogging enable me a lifestyle that supports my vision of presence for my children, time with my spouse, and success in the world - to make an impact with those whom my work and message resonates.

I started to think deeply about a business that would enable me to work anywhere, anytime I wanted, and I realized that a digital business, fueled by marketing channels via social media is much like the American Dream.

What is the American Dream?

The American Dream is the idea that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.

We’ve all heard the classic story of an immigrant coming to America, met by the Statue of Liberty on the great Atlantic.  With nothing but $20 American dollars, the arriving entrepreneur builds his empire from the ground up.  Sometime later, perhaps 5 years, or 10, or 20, he is the CEO of XYZ Corp.

With hard work and determination, any person can aspire to dream as large as her imagination can get.

Sure, long hours are required.  There is probably a huge learning curve to undergo.  But the point is, if one is willing to reach the stars, the mountain to the stars exists in America and therefore the opportunity to get there exists.  That is, for those who are willing to take on the challenge of climbing it.

Social Media is a means to an end. Like the American Dream, success in an endeavor delivered via social Media is possible, so long as you are willing to put in sweat equity to get it going.  Once you light the kindling, all it takes is patience, consistency and a determination to succeed.

The internet not only levels the playing field but quickly becomes the cyberland of opportunity, perhaps even paved with bitcoins instead of gold.

There are 5 reliable parallels between social media and the American dream.

  1. Unlimited growth potential

  2. Dynamic Environment

  3. The Melting Pot

  4. Unlimited Capacity

  5. A Focus on Who We are Serving

1. The first obvious commonality between the American dreams and social media is the unlimited potential for growth.  With both endeavors, the sky is the limit.

In both instances, one may start off working for other people.  Training and education is available and abundant.  So long as one is willing to initiate her own learning, she can achieve anything she puts her mind to.  Step-by-step, methodically, one gains a deeper understanding.  With each step, she advances forward, either gaining dollars or gaining knowledge.  It is a winning situation so long as she is willing, patient, and persistent.

2. The environments inherent in achieving the American dream and the marketplace of social media is dynamic and ever-changing. Albeit, dream building and sustainable business in both is achievable and always engaging.

The entrepreneur that is fueled by the ambition of creating something spectacular and sustaining from nothing, will never be bored.  

The inherent dynamic platform of social media & dream building is readily available.  In this ever changing environment, there is always newness and freshness.  Stale ideas don’t work and keeps marketers in their tippy toes.  I’m both venues, boredom will not be an issue. There is enough shifting parts to keep even the attention of those with ADD in check.

3. The melting pot of the United States, particularly in the larger cities like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago enables an amazing blend of culture and collaboration.  Working together with others enables partnerships and support to succeed and help one another.  In a similar vein, collaborations and online partnerships, affiliate programs enable anyone to find another whose business resonates with similar goals.  Together, be it traditional brick and mortar or online, smart business collaborate in partnerships, working together toward a common goal.

4.  The American Dream Is not limited by national borders.  The ethos and mentality enable businesses to do business internationally.  Conducting business with those outside our borders is possible, be it import or export.  The breath and reach of social media channels parallel, if not rival, the ability for business to thrive.

5. Since the world is our oyster, one must know who and what she wants. Having clarity and focus is of the utmost importance.  both in building the American dream and in social media, one must have keen insight on the nature of her business, her target market, price point, and how to serve constituents.  Narrowing down the billions of people on earth for which our product, service, or program is suited forces us to become laser sharp when it comes to identifying our marketing message.  Niching our product, service, or program is the path to success both in building the American dream and in social media.

Both the American Dream and success by means of social media requires committed, relentless, hard work.  Yet, at the end of the day, The most optimistic and hopeful word to describe the parallel between the two is this: opportunity. With the American dream as well as social media, we have the opportunity to build a future that will enable all our dreams to come true.

What blessings can you identify for yourself in your social media journey that is like the American Dream?