Patience: 3 Things You Need to Do During the L.A.G.

Patience: 3 Things You Need to Do During the L.A.G.

The “L.A.G.” are the 3 steps and the acronym I use to remind myself of what to do when I am feeling impatient.  It is when I cannot stand to wait, and I truly DO NOT WANT TO WAIT that this practice comes in most useful. 

“L.A.G.” is a distraction technique that is not a distraction at all but a way to deeply connect myself to a mindful, moment-to-moment practice of presence, and thus patience.

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Feel the Fear - Do It Anyway

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F.E.A.R.   FALSE EVIDENCE, Appearing Real...

Fear reminds us of our humanity.  

Fear, like pain, is a signal for us to pay attention.  It wakes us up to be conscious of our actions, words, deeds and intentions.

If you feel fear today, don't forget to look mindfully, pray ceaseless, and know that you always have a choice.  

Check in, feel it... if the still small voice says YES! (Despite what the ego says) - then listen and act as you are called.

No one ever found new lands without the willingness to leave the shore... <3